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RateCity's data & fact-checking process

RateCity strives to ensure the information on our site is accurate and trustworthy so that you can make better financial decisions with confidence.

RateCity data-checking process

In order to increase the integrity and quality of RateCity's data, all rate and product information on the site goes through a thorough process which includes:


Daily checks and analysis to identify rate changes.


Routine updates of rates and data through automated processes and manual checks to make sure they're correct and current.


Regular reviews of our data to maintain accuracy


Verification of data with financial providers.

While we make every effort to ensure that our information is accurate, we strongly encourage you to confirm the fine print on the product, provider or service that you're interested in before making a decision. 

Availability of products on RateCity

RateCity prides itself on providing as much information as possible about financial products available on the market today, and so endeavours to include as many products from lenders and financial providers in Australia. While some lenders work with RateCity to maintain the accuracy of the product information, not all do so, and so RateCity's data team is entrusted with the task of adding data about these products.

What we monitor?






Product categories

About RateCity's content

We proudly stand by our editorial principles that ensure the information we provide is fair, accurate and trustworthy.

  • RateCity's desire to help people make sense of dollars and cents doesn't mean its content should be interpreted as personal advice. Advice is personal, and  every person's financial situation is going to be different. RateCity offers general information that can be used to give you a gauge on your options, encouraging you to do your research and make the next steps best for your situation.
  • Every review, guide, and article is produced by our team of expert authors, and subsequently edited and fact-checked via a thorough process while maintaining a balanced position.

RateCity’s fact-checking process

Distinct from the data-checking process, RateCity's content team strives to ensure the content is informative, balanced and accurate.


All content is checked by the content team to help ensure it is reliable and takes a balanced viewpoint

RateCity's writers are experts in various subjects across personal finance, whose work can be seen in more places than just RateCity, including Lifehacker and Business Insider, to name a few.


2 Relevant industry experts verify the accuracy of information on select pages

Product specialists such as brokers also review complex RateCity articles to provide an added layer of fact checking.


Routine and regular checks of content to ensure it continues to be accurate

RateCity strives to provide content that isaccurate at the time of writing, which is why reviewing the date is important when reading content. As finance information is rarely static,  RateCity regularly checks its pages to ensure information remains accurate and relevant, and updates it accordingly along with the listed date.

While every possible effort is made to ensure RateCity's content remains objective and free from commercial or political influence, not all information will suit every financial situation. As with all financial activities, it is advised that you talk to a financial advisor, financial planner, or financial consultant to see what works best for you. 

How does RateCity make money?

While the information and financial comparison offered by RateCity is free for consumers to use, RateCity makes money by introducing interested consumers (termed 'leads' in marketing parlance) to financial institutions.

A lead may be generated when you visit a financial institution's website via a link from the RateCity website. When you visit an institution from a lead, RateCity may get paid either for that visit itself, or more likely, for you "doing something" further with the financial institution, such as requesting a call, opening an account, or completing an application form on the financial institution's website. Alternatively, if you request from RateCity that a licensed third party (such as a mortgage broker or a financial advisor) gets in contact with you to discuss a particular product or service, RateCity may receive a fee or commission for referring your contact details to this third party. 

RateCity may also generate revenue from general advertising on the RateCity site, including display advertising, featured products, promoted products or sponsored parts of the site, which are always labelled as such.

For more information about how RateCity may make money from its service, feel free to read our page detailing how we make money.

Want to know more about RateCity and how we work? Read our editorial guidelines, our advertiser disclosure, and our terms of use