Bankwest is a full-service bank headquartered in Perth. It was first established in 1895 as the Agricultural Bank of Western Australia. It has gone through a series of name changes since its inception, embracing the trading name Bankwest in 1994. Bankwest is Western Australia’s leading bank, serving 1.2 million customers in WA and across Australia.

Bankwest operates bank branches across the country, with 85 branches in Western Australia and 45 branches nationally. Bankwest’s call centres are located in Australia.

Bankwest Credit Cards

About Bankwest credit cards

Bankwest offers a variety of credit cards, including low-rate, platinum, rewards, and no-fee cards. Within its reward card options, customers can choose between rewards points and Qantas Points.

Bankwest credit card rates vary between products but typically range between moderate and high. In general, Bankwest charges moderate interest rates on no-frills credit cards and moderately high interest rates on their rewards cards.

The annual fee also varies between Bankwest credit cards. While Bankwest’s no-fee option does not charge an annual fee, their rewards cards tend to charge high annual fees. Bankwest credit cards typically incur a moderately high late payment fee.

Although benefits vary from product to product, many Bankwest credit cards have special perks, such as an introductory balance transfer rate, complimentary insurances, and free emergency replacement. Bankwest rewards cards may come with a bonus points offer.

Bankwest credit cards review

Bankwest is a leading regional Australian bank and its credit cards may be a particularly suitable choice for Australians who are already Bankwest customers.

Because Bankwest offers a variety of credit cards, it may be well suited for everyday spenders, frequent flyers, and those who are looking for low-rate or no-fee credit cards. You must be a permanent Australian resident to apply for Bankwest credit cards, so Bankwest is not a suitable choice for temporary residents.

Bankwest credit card rates vary greatly between their low-rate cards and rewards cards, which means there’s a rate to suit a variety of cardholders. While interest rates tend to be moderately low for Bankwest’s low-rate card, the interest rate tends to be moderately high for rewards cards.

Bankwest credit card fees vary from no annual fee (on no-fee cards) to high (on rewards cards).

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