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Newcastle Permanent Credit Cards

Newcastle Permanent is the largest building society and second largest customer-owned bank in Australia. Newcastle Permanent is a mutual building society, which means it is owned by its members rather than shareholders. Based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Newcastle Permanent serves more than 325,000 customers and employs over 1,000 staff.

Customers can reach Newcastle Permanent online, over the phone or in their local bank branch in Newcastle, New South Wales.

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About Newcastle Permanent credit cards

Like many other customer-owned banking institutions, Newcastle Permanent has a thinner range of credit cards than you may find at a big four bank in Australia. Newcastle Permanent offers no-frills credit cards that focus on low rates and fees. Its product range does not include platinum, frequent flyer, rewards or travel credit cards.

Newcastle Permanent credit card rates are typically at the low end of the market. Its credit card rates tend to be moderately low for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. Customers are also permitted a moderate number of interest-free days on purchases only.

Similarly, Newcastle Permanent credit card fees tend to be reasonable. Customers are charged a low late payment fee and moderately low annual fee. Newcastle Permanent also charges international transaction fees and foreign conversion fees.

Newcastle Permanent credit cards review

Because Newcastle Permanent provides cards focused on reducing customer cost, it may be a suitable choice for budget card holders and existing Newcastle Permanent members. Newcastle Permanent does not offer platinum or rewards credit cards, so rewards-seekers may not find Newcastle Permanent a suitable choice.

Newcastle Permanent is owned by its members rather than by shareholders, which means they can use profits to lower their credit card rates and fees. Newcastle Permanent credit card rates tend to be moderately low with a moderate interest-free period. Fees tend to range from low to moderately low. Together, the reasonable rates and fees reduce cost for customers.

To be eligible for a Newcastle Permanent credit card, you must be over the age of 18, be an Australian citizen residing in Australia and meet a minimum annual income threshold.

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