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HSBC savings accounts

HSBC offers two savings accounts, neither of which have minimum balance requirements or charge monthly fees. Serious Saver only pays interest in the months when you don’t make withdrawals. Serious Saver also pays bonus interest for the first four months the account is open. Flexi Saver pays bonus interest in the months after you increase your net balance by at least $300.

The HSBC website also offers an online tool which will help you figure out how much your savings will be worth should you get an HSBC savings account. This could help you figure out which savings account would best suit your financial goals or savings plans.

They also have another online tool which will help you determine how much your spending reductions would be worth in the long run. It could help you decide what to spend less on in order to tighten your budget. With this money management tool, you will get a better idea on how the little things you spend on add up to substantial amounts of money that you’re better off saving instead.

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banks and has offices in 67 countries. HSBC also offers term deposits, credit cards, home loans, personal loans and financial planning.

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Why choose HSBC


  • No minimum balance or monthly fees


  • Maximum interest rate comes with conditions

HSBC Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts calculator

Use our savings account calculator to see how much you can earn under different investment scenarios.


The result provided is an estimate only. Please read our Calculator Assumptions and Disclaimer for more information.

Your savings at the end of the term would be


Total interest earned


  1. This calculator provides an estimate of how much you would earn in interest based on your initial deposit (made at the end of the first period), regular deposits (credited to the savings account at the end of a period), interest rate and savings period.
  2. The Present Value provided by this calculator is displayed as the amount labelled 'Your savings at the end of the term'.
  3. Calculations assume that details entered into the calculator, including interest rates, do not change for the savings period. ‘Savings period’ assumes equal length of time.
  4. While standard interest rates are an annual percentage, the interest earned here is based on a daily calculation and paid monthly.
  • The calculation rounds off the savings amount to the closest dollar value.
  • All calculations are estimates only. All results are based solely upon the data entered into the calculator.
  • Calculator does not include all fees and charges.
  • Calculator does not account for changes to interest rates over time.
  • This calculator is for information purposes only, is general and has not taken into account your personal circumstances. Consider whether you need financial advice from a qualified adviser.  Read our full disclaimer.

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