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Unless you’re an iconic, worldly figure, having someone pretend to be you, other than in a movie, can be extremely frightening. Most of us have seen it on Facebook; a friend’s photos get stolen, a new profile is created and the next thing you know you’re receiving an email from someone posing as them, saying they are stranded overseas and need money transferred urgently. Identity thieves are crafty and are always coming up with new ways to con their targets. Staying aware of the warning signs and trends is vital to keeping these identity fraudsters out of work.  

Identity fraud or identity theft is a major issue worldwide. One of the major forms of identity fraud is through our credit cards. There are a number of methods that thieves use to access your personal information, however there are some changes that you can make to decrease your chances of this occurring, including:

  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, contact your financial institution immediately to cancel the card, as well as any further transactions.
  • Be aware when giving your credit card information online or over the phone. If they look or sound suspicious think again about proceeding or ask for alternative payment methods.
  • Keep an eye out for unusual transaction on your credit card statement and if you find one notify your institution immediately.
  • Consider changing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and change online passwords regularly.
  • Don’t write down, store on you or give a copy of your PIN to a friend.
  • Limit information supplied on family trees.
  • Avoid entering personal information and passwords on unsecured websites.
  • Don’t open an email or click on a link that is from someone you don’t know.
  • Avoid accessing personal information on public computers.
  • Secure your mailbox, make copies of important documents and keep all documents somewhere safe and secure in your home.
  • Protect your mobile by only installing trusted applications. 

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