Coles Rewards Platinum Mastercard

Medium rewards platinum mastercard

Good For

Rewards Balance Transfer Offers Special Offers Perks Overseas Spending Max Interest Free Days Max Credit Limit

  • Type: MasterCard
  • Level: Platinum

All Offers

Balance Transfers Offers 0% p.a. for 6 months then 19.99%
Introductory Offers N/A
Special Offers Receive $100 off a single Coles supermarket shop if you make a purchase within the first 30 days and are approved by 31 December 2017

(until 31 December 2017)

Rates & Fees

Ongoing Purchase Interest Rate 19.99% p.a
Annual Fee $99
Maximum free days Up to 62
Late Payment Fee $20
Over Limit Fee $0

Overseas Spending

Currency Conversion Fee 0%
Overseas ATM Charges $4 or 3% (the higher of)
Estimated ATM Cost for AU$300 withdrawal $9.00


Points per $1 spent 2
Rewards Available Frequent Flyer, Shopping, Travel or Accomodation
Value of Rewards $501 after $99 annual fees
Additional Fee for Reward Card $0


Travel Insurance N/A
VIP Perks
  • Concierge service available
  • Invitation to special Events
  • Partner purchase discounts

Repayment Details

$ Minimum Repayment $10
% Minimum Repayment 2.22%

Application Requirements

Minimum Credit Limit $6,000
Maximum Credit Limit No Limit

More about Coles

More about Coles

In addition to being a prominent supermarket brand, Coles offers a number of financial services to Australians - including credit cards. They offer a variety of low fee credit cards and premium credits cards, which could be suitable for many different people's needs.

As always, it's important to compare and contrast credit cards with one another before making a commitment, so you fully understand where a suitable deal can be made. What can the Coles credit cards offer?

Coles Rewards MasterCard

This is a product that offers a rewards scheme for shopping, accommodation or travel. You generate two rewards points for every dollar spent on the Rewards MasterCard, and there is a concierge service.

Minimum repayments are either $10 per month or 2.22 percent of what you owe, with a minimum credit limit of $500. Balance transfers are offered at zero percent for six months and 19.99 percent thereafter, making this a possible option for those who are seeking to change credit cards.

Coles Rewards Platinum MasterCard

The Coles Rewards Platinum MasterCard offers many of the features of the Coles Rewards MasterCard, but with a minimum credit limit of $6,000. Once approved for this, users receive bonuses like Merchandise Protection Insurance and a 24-hour concierge service.

Coles No Annual Fee Platinum MasterCard

While the Coles No Annual Fee Platinum MasterCard has significant rewards systems, the interest rate may cost you if you don’t pay your card off in full. With the Low Rate MasterCard, this is much lower and better suited to those who don’t always pay their full balance. Annual fees are also lower than with rewards credit cards, and many of the bonuses remain in place.

This card has a minimum credit limit of $6000.

Coles Low Rate Platinum MasterCard

The differences here are similar to with the other platinum and non-platinum credit cards available from Coles, in that the Low Rate Platinum MasterCard has a higher minimum credit limit you must be approved for, but also has a more significant rewards system.

Making sure to compare credit cards before signing away on one is crucial, and understanding the nuances of each of the rewards and low fee credit cards available from Coles will go a long way towards making an informed decision. Make sure to use the Rate City comparison tools to complete the picture and discover what each card can bring to your financial situation, be it boosting credit or seeking an overseas spending credit card.