Latitude Financial Services

Latitude Financial Services Mastercard

Medium mastercard

Good For

Max Interest Free Days Max Credit Limit

  • Type: MasterCard
  • Level: Standard

All Offers

Balance Transfers Offers N/A
Introductory Offers N/A
Special Offers N/A

Rates & Fees

Ongoing Purchase Interest Rate 24.50% p.a
Annual Fee $69
Maximum free days Up to 55
Late Payment Fee $20
Over Limit Fee $0

Overseas Spending

Currency Conversion Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Charges $4 or 3% (the higher of)
Estimated ATM Cost for AU$300 withdrawal $18.00


Travel Insurance N/A

Repayment Details

$ Minimum Repayment $30
% Minimum Repayment 2.4%

Application Requirements

Minimum Credit Limit $500
Maximum Credit Limit No Limit

When looking for a credit card that suits your financial personality and needs, you'll end up sifting through hundreds of options. Some buyers prefer cards with lower interest rates, others prize flexibility, while others still go for products with low fees.

If the latter two features are what you look for in credit cards, you might wish to consider the GE Money MasterCard. While operating on a high interest rate, it has a number of features that could save you money and hassle in the long run.

Benefits of a GE Money MasterCard

The GE Money MasterCard is a low annual fee credit card that reduces the typical cost in a number of ways:

  • A low annual fee of $69
  • No monthly account keeping fee
  • No establishment fee
  • Up to nine additional cardholders with no extra charge

You can also get 55 days interest free on anything, provided you've paid off the balance of your current and previous statements. The GE Money MasterCard also allows balance transfers, so you can move credit card debt over from cards with fewer benefits.

Bear in mind that, at 23.5 per cent, the GE Money MasterCard has one of the higher interest rates out there. You'll want to be careful with your spending in order to prevent yourself from undoing any of the savings you could make from the lower fees.

One of the more notable advantages of the GE Money MasterCard is that it provides you with a manageable credit limit, letting you set a credit limit suitable to your situation. To do this you need to do is call the GE Money customer solutions team and request to either bring your credit limit up or down.

In addition to this, you'll get all of the typical benefits you receive through the use of a MasterCard:

  • Being able to use it at over half a million merchants in Australia
  • Acceptance at 28 million locations worldwide, including 15 million within Australia and the Pacific alone

The GE Money MasterCard online service centre provides a way for you to manage your account online. Once you set up a username and password, you can view your statements, print them off, look at your transaction history, pay your bills and update your details from the comfort of wherever you are - whether it's at your home in Australia or on a train to Mumbai.

Costs associated with the GE Money MasterCard

Before signing on, it's important to understand some of the costs involved in owning a GE Money MasterCard. Despite its low annual fee, there are certain charges that will crop up in specific situations:

  • The larger of either $1.95 or 3 percent as a cash advance fee
  • $20 for late payments
  • $4 at international ATMs, and $5 for international over the counter transactions, in addition to the cash advance fee
  • 3 percent fee on all international transactions
  • $10 to replace your card
  • $5 per docket request

Being aware of these charges will help you to avoid them if you do decide to apply.

How do I apply for a GE Money MasterCard?

If you want to apply for a GE Money MasterCard, you can do so at any local branch. GE Money has 50 branches located throughout every state in Australia, and can be found using their online branch locator.

Upon applying, it may be worth taking out credit card insurance with GE Money. Their credit card cover provides protection for purchases, as well as insuring you against any unexpected twists of fate regarding your card. You can apply for the cover as part of the overall card application, when you activate the card or by calling GE Money at any other point in time.