What is the credit card concierge service?

Patricia Babalis

By Patricia Babalis

4 min read

Often when we search for a new credit card we have certain features in mind that we’re after.

Some people value a low interest rate card with a long interest free period while others are looking to maximise their frequent flyer points and rewards.

But have you ever looked at the concierge feature on a card and wondered what purpose it serves? 

What is it?

A concierge service is essentially a call centre open 24/7 filled with people who are there to fulfil your every request. Well, maybe not your every request but they are there to help with a lot of stuff you can’t be bothered doing yourself from travel bookings to research for personal matters.   

What can I use it for?

Travel queries

One of the best times to put your concierge service to work is when you’re on the move. If you’re in a country or city that’s foreign to you it may be hard to navigate, know where a good hotel or restaurant is or even to get connected to some WiFi to get answers.

This is where your concierge service can come in handy. With one quick call you can have your flight status checked, find a hotel even in the busiest of seasons and get a good restaurant reservation.

Particularly considering companies such as Visa and American Express are affiliated with numerous restaurants and hotels you could be getting the best last minute deals and bargains by using your friendly concierge.  

Now let’s say you lost a belonging at an airport or hotel. You want it back but calling the airport and waiting for them to find the item and then arranging delivery seems like too much fuss. This is the sort of thing that your concierge can sort out for you with just one phone call.

Starting to sound a little appealing?

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Last minute gifts

Forgot about your anniversary? Didn’t send birthday flowers to your bestie? Just like a real life personal assistant your concierge service will locate the gift that you need and deliver it to your loved ones and they will be never the wiser.

They can also search for local concerts and theatre shows, provide you with a list of options and send you the tickets once you decide on something to your liking. The same goes for booking a make-over, massage or golfing outing so all your gift sourcing needs are covered.    

What about throwing a party? If you want to go the extra mile for someone near and dear your concierge can assist by arranging invitations, managing responses and booking venues. It literally could not be easier.

Quick Research

Need the best physio in town after over doing it at the gym? Want a list of all the craft hobby shops in Sydney that stock the model of airplane you’ve been wanting to build?

Whatever the query your concierge can do all the research for you and save you the time and effort of trawling through search engine results and making phone calls. If your time is valuable then this could be the ultimate time saver when it comes to life’s little problems.

For the super busy amongst us there is also assistance provided for business arrangements so if you have a task that you think someone else could be doing faster why not get your concierge to do it for free.  

Of course there are reasonable restrictions on what you concierge will and won’t do but you won’t know until you ask.

If you already have a card with the service why not give it a try, after all you’re paying for it in your annual fee.

If you’re not sure if your card has the service you can check your Product Disclosure Statement. 

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