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Three year fixed home loans are an attractive mortgage option for borrowers who want to lock in a low interest rate or fix the budget of their loan repayments. You can start searching and comparing an extensive range of three year mortgages at RateCity now.

For those who are concerned with rising interest rates, selecting a fixed rate home loan instead of a variable rate can help give them certainty within their budget and allows them time to get used to making regular repayments without varying rates.

A three year fixed home loan guarantees an agreed fixed interest rate for the set period before your rate expires and reverts back to a variable interest rate. During this period you will be unaffected by the rise and fall of interest rates. In the case of interest rate rises this can be very financially rewarding but in the case of interest rate cuts, the benefits of a lower rate would not be passed on to you.

Once the fixed home loan period has expired you will generally be offered the opportunity to lock in another fixed rate period or continue the loan on a variable rate.

There are options to fix your rate for a lesser period of one or two years, so it’s a matter of looking at your own financial situation when deciding what time period you would like to fix.

If you were to consider a fixed period over three years the interest rates tend to be a lot higher so you should look at the overall benefits if you are thinking long term.

Ideally you should conduct your own research and speak to a finance specialist to work out which options are going to be more beneficial and suitable for your personal circumstances.

Don’t let unfamiliarity stand in the way of you and a great three year home loan. Get educated now by comparing some of Australia’s best three year home loans below.

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