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BankVic Credit Cards

When BankVic opened its doors in 1974, it initially offered financial services only to Victoria Police and their families. Today, BankVic services members of the health, emergency and public service sectors in Victoria and across Australia.

Its moto is “banking with heart” and BankVic proudly advertises that it has never foreclosed on a home loan, and that it takes individual care of its members.

BankVic now has 100,000 members and $1.5 billion in assets.

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About BankVic credit cards

Compared to many larger banks, BankVic has a relatively small selection of credit cards:

  • Low-fee
  • Rewards
  • Frequent flyer
  • Balance transfer
  • Visa credit cards

Credit cards offered by BankVic come with different rates and fees.

BankVic’s most basic credit card, the Silver Visa, has no annual fee, and a very low introductory interest rate on purchases, although this does increase to a moderately low ongoing rate.

The Visa Gold credit card offered by BankVic comes with cashback rewards and perks. It has a moderately low annual fee, and also has a very low introductory interest rate on purchases, but this eventually increases to a moderately high interest rate.

BankVic’s frequent flyer credit card earns Qantas points. It has a moderate annual fee, and also has a very low introductory interest rate on purchases, but this does increase to a moderately high interest rate on purchases.

BankVic credit card review

BankVic has a limited range of credit cards, but these cater for both the bottom and top end of town. Its credit cards would suit customers looking for a basic no-frills card as well as those wanting to get perks and earn rewards.

It’s important that potential customers realise BankVic only caters for health, emergency and public service sector workers and their families.

There are very low interest rates initially offered on all BankVic credit cards, but these do increase to a range between moderately low to moderately high.

The rewards offered on the gold and frequent flyer credit cards come with cashback rewards and uncapped Qantas points. Both cards offer perks that include complementary international travel insurance.

Credit limits range from low all the way to high, depending on the BankVic credit card. The interest-free days on BankVic credit cards also vary between products and range from moderately low to moderate.

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