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Bank of Queensland Credit Cards

Bank of Queensland, also known as BOQ, is one of Australia’s leading regional banks and has more than 190 branches throughout the country.

BOQ provides a limited range of credit cards along with finance products such as bank accounts, personal loans and home loans, among others.

Customers can manage their credit card accounts through the BOQ website and mobile app. Customer support is also available through the bank’s 24-hour phone support line, via email or by visiting a branch.

BOQ Credit Cards rates

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About BOQ credit cards

As a regional bank not owned by one of Australia’s “big four”, Bank of Queensland keeps its credit card offering relatively slim, with a limited number of options available. Its credit cards range from standard to gold to platinum.

BOQ credit card rates vary from moderate to high, with platinum and gold cards tending to have higher interest rates than standard cards.

BOQ’s annual credit card fees are moderately low to moderately high, and late payment fees are low across the board.

As part of the Q Rewards program, gold and platinum cardholders can earn points for every dollar spent on eligible transactions, which can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and travel rewards.

An introductory balance transfer deal applies to Bank of Queensland credit cards, however the terms of the deal may differ depending on the type of credit card chosen.

Bank of Queensland credit cards review

Although its offering is limited, BOQ credit cards are tailored to fit a range of cardholders. Budget cardholders, frequent flyers and those who spend frequently on their credit card may benefit from the features of Bank of Queensland credit cards.

For people looking to reduce their risk of debt, Bank of Queensland offers a low-rate credit card option – but there are lower-rate and lower-fee choices on the market.

However, with the Q Rewards program and other perks like complimentary insurance on some cards, BOQ credit cards may still offer money-saving potential, especially for people who spend regularly on their card and pay it off in full each month.

People thinking about switching credit card providers could also take advantage of Bank of Queensland’s introductory balance transfer offer and pay off existing debt at no interest for a limited time.

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