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Geelong Bank credit cards

Geelong Bank was established in 1974 as FCCS Credit Union, and since then has grown to serve over 10,000 members throughout Australia.

Geelong Bank offers credit card services in addition to everyday bank accounts, home loans, car loans, personal loans, insurance, financial planning and savings accounts.

Geelong Bank serves mostly as an online banker as it has only one branch, located in Geelong. 

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Why choose Geelong Bank


  • Very low introductory interest rate
  • Moderately low annual fee
  • Balance transfer offer


  • No rewards or perks
  • Moderately high late payment fee
  • Only one branch to visit

Geelong Bank Credit Cards

About Geelong Bank credit cards

Geelong Bank offers a standard-level Visa credit card to customers, named Amigo. There are no credit cards with perks and rewards to choose from.

Geelong Bank credit cards come with a very low interest rate on purchases for an introductory period. Thereafter, those with a Geelong Bank credit card receive a moderately low interest rate on purchases.

A moderate number of interest-free days are available, giving Geelong Bank credit cardholders some time to pay off their debt before interest begins to accrue. However, customers who don’t pay their bills on time will face a moderately high late payment fee.

The Geelong Bank Visa also comes with a moderately low annual fee.

For those wishing to carry over debt from another card, an introductory balance transfer rate applies with no balance transfer fee.

Geelong Bank credit cards review

With only one standard credit card to choose from, Geelong Bank credit cards will most likely appeal to people who are happy with a no-frills credit card. Those who are looking for a platinum card with perks and rewards will need to look at other options.

New customers with Geelong Bank receive a very low interest rate on purchases for an introductory period. Afterwards, Geelong Bank cardholders receive a moderately low interest rate on purchases.

Additionally, Geelong Bank credit card customers are charged a moderately low annual fee. With this in mind, Geelong Bank credit cards could be suitable for the budget cardholder.

For customers looking to transfer existing debt, Geelong Bank does offer an introductory balance transfer offer and no balance transfer fee. However, it isn’t the lowest transfer rate on the market.

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