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Pros and cons

  • Flexible loan facilities.
  • Family Guarantee option for first home buyers.
  • No ongoing loan fees.
  • Limited branch network.
  • Moderate to high interest rate.

Owner occupied products interest rates

Loan typePrincipal & Interest rateInterest Only
HomeBuilder Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
2.69% p.a.
2.79% p.a. Comparison rate
2.69% p.a.
2.79% p.a. Comparison rate
HomeBuilder Loan (Min Deposit 10%)
2.79% p.a.
2.89% p.a. Comparison rate
2.79% p.a.
2.89% p.a. Comparison rate
HomeBuilder Loan (Min Deposit 3%)
2.89% p.a.
2.99% p.a. Comparison rate
2.89% p.a.
2.99% p.a. Comparison rate
Best Life Home Loan (Min Deposit 40%)
1.99% p.a.
3.07% p.a. Comparison rate
2.99% p.a.
3.81% p.a. Comparison rate
Best Life Home Loan (Min Deposit 30%)
2.09% p.a.
3.08% p.a. Comparison rate
3.09% p.a.
3.83% p.a. Comparison rate
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
2.29% p.a.
3.12% p.a. Comparison rate
3.49% p.a.
3.94% p.a. Comparison rate
Best Life Home Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
2.19% p.a.
3.1% p.a. Comparison rate
3.19% p.a.
3.85% p.a. Comparison rate
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 10%)
2.54% p.a.
3.31% p.a. Comparison rate
3.54% p.a.
4.08% p.a. Comparison rate
Mutual Home Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
3.26% p.a.
3.28% p.a. Comparison rate
3.96% p.a.
3.98% p.a. Comparison rate
Best Life Home Loan (Min Deposit 10%)
2.29% p.a.
3.2% p.a. Comparison rate
3.29% p.a.
3.99% p.a. Comparison rate
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 3%)
2.59% p.a.
3.5% p.a. Comparison rate
3.59% p.a.
4.18% p.a. Comparison rate
Affinity Home Loan Package (Min Deposit 20%)
3.16% p.a.
3.47% p.a. Comparison rate
3.76% p.a.
4.06% p.a. Comparison rate
Mutual Home Loan (Min Deposit 10%)
3.36% p.a.
3.38% p.a. Comparison rate
4.11% p.a.
4.13% p.a. Comparison rate
Affinity Home Loan Package (Min Deposit 10%)
3.26% p.a.
3.57% p.a. Comparison rate
3.91% p.a.
4.2% p.a. Comparison rate
Mutual Home Loan (Min Deposit 5%)
3.56% p.a.
3.58% p.a. Comparison rate
4.21% p.a.
4.23% p.a. Comparison rate

Investment purpose products interest rates

Loan typePrincipal & Interest rateInterest Only
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
2.99% p.a.
3.72% p.a. Comparison rate
3.99% p.a.
4.22% p.a. Comparison rate
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 10%)
3.09% p.a.
3.91% p.a. Comparison rate
4.09% p.a.
4.41% p.a. Comparison rate
Fixed Rate Home Loan (Min Deposit 3%)
3.39% p.a.
4.09% p.a. Comparison rate
Mutual Home Loan (Min Deposit 20%)
3.76% p.a.
3.78% p.a. Comparison rate
4.21% p.a.
4.23% p.a. Comparison rate
Affinity Home Loan Package (Min Deposit 20%)
3.56% p.a.
3.86% p.a. Comparison rate
4.01% p.a.
4.3% p.a. Comparison rate
Mutual Home Loan (Min Deposit 5%)
3.96% p.a.
3.98% p.a. Comparison rate
4.41% p.a.
4.43% p.a. Comparison rate
Affinity Home Loan Package (Min Deposit 10%)
3.76% p.a.
4.06% p.a. Comparison rate
4.21% p.a.
4.5% p.a. Comparison rate

Home loan repayment calculator

Thinking about taking out a home loan with Geelong Bank? Use our home loan calculator to see how much you’d have to repay under different borrowing scenarios. You can also see how Geelong Bank home loans compare with other options.

I am an

With a repayment type

Borrow amount


Deposit amount %

Loan term

Your estimated mortgage repayments

at interest rate 1.99%

Total interest payable


Total loan repayments


Geelong Bank customer service

Geelong Bank customers can contact the credit union through the customer support line from Monday to Friday. In addition, Geelong Bank has one branch, located in Geelong. Members who can’t make it into the branch can email customer support or use the online enquiry form on the website. Geelong Bank members have access to over 3,000 ATMs through Australia wide the rediATM network. There is also a hotline for lost or stolen cards. 

  • Customer service centre (phone)
  • Mobile app
  • Online banking
  • Email
  • Branch

How to Apply

Borrowers wanting to apply for a Geelong Bank home loan can either complete a loan application form online or call customer support for assistance with the application. Before applying for a Geelong Bank home loan, think about what you can afford to borrow and what other costs you need to consider. To apply for this Geelong Bank home loan, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Personal identification material.
  • Proof of income and employment.
  • Information regarding your current debts, liabilities and assets.

Learn more about home loans

Cash or mortgage – which is more suitable to buy an investment property?

Deciding whether to buy an investment property with cash or a mortgage is a matter or personal choice and will often depend on your financial situation. Using cash may seem logical if you have the money in reserve and it can allow you to later use the equity in your home. However, there may be other factors to think about, such as whether there are other debts to pay down and whether it will tie up all of your spare cash. Again, it’s a personal choice and may be worth seeking personal advice.

A mortgage is a popular option for people who don’t have enough cash in the bank to pay for an investment property. Sometimes when you take out a mortgage you can offset your loan interest against the rental income you may earn. The rental income can also help to pay down the loan.

How can I apply for a first home buyers loan with Commonwealth Bank?

Getting a home loan requires planning and research. If you are considering a home loan with the Commonwealth Bank, you can find the information you need in the buying your first home section of the bank’s website.

You can see the steps you should take before applying for the loan and use the calculators to work out how much you can borrow, what your monthly repayments would be and the upfront costs you’d likely pay.

You can also book a time with a Commonwealth first home loan specialist by calling 13 2221.

CommBank publishes a property report that may help you understand the real estate market. The bank has also created a CommBank Property App that you can use to search for property.  The link to download this app is available on the same webpage.

If you are eligible for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, CommBank will help you process your application. The scheme helps first home buyers to purchase a home with a low deposit. You can read details about this scheme here and speak with a CommBank home lending specialist to understand your options.

How do I apply for a home loan pre-approval from Commonwealth Bank?

To apply for a Commbank home loan pre-approval, you can either call the bank at 13 2224 or meet one of the bank’s lending specialists. You can set up a meeting online if you wish. You’ll need to do some homework before contacting the bank, such as gathering information on the kind of properties you’d like to buy and their prices.

Preparing a financial summary, which lists all your income sources as well as significant expenses, can also help determine how much you can afford to borrow. You may also want to check your credit score before applying for pre-approval.

It’s worth remembering that a CBA home loan pre-approval doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the loan. Once you get the pre-approval, you’ll have about three to six months to decide on a property and apply for the home loan. The bank will then confirm that the property is suitable for the loan before fully approving it.

How to apply for a pre-approval home loan from Bendigo Bank?

Applying for pre-approval on your home loan gives you confidence in your ability to secure finance while looking at potential new homes. You can get a free and personalised pre-approval home loan from Bendigo Bank in just a few minutes, without any credit checks or paperwork. 

Bendigo Bank offers pre-approval for home loans that allow you to understand the home loan size you may be able to get before looking for a new home. 

With the pre-approval, Bendigo Bank provides an estimate of your borrowing power. This figure incorporates stamp duty, lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) and any first home buyer incentives you may be eligible for. You may also qualify for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme initiative, depending on your circumstances. 

To apply for a pre-approval on your home loan from Bendigo Bank, all you need to do is fill in a smart form. You could also contact the bank directly on 1300 236 344.

How do I apply for a home improvement loan?

When you want to renovate your home, you may need to take out a loan to cover the costs. You could apply for a home improvement loan, which is a personal loan that you use to cover the costs of your home renovations. There is no difference between applying for this type of home improvement loan and applying for a standard personal loan. It would be best to check and compare the features, fees and details of the loan before applying. 

Besides taking out a home improvement loan, you could also:

  1. Use the equity in your house: Equity is the difference between your property’s value and the amount you still owe on your home loan. You may be able to access this equity by refinancing your home loan and then using it to finance your home improvement.  Speak with your lender or a mortgage broker about accessing your equity.
  2. Utilise the redraw facility of your home loan: Check whether the existing home loan has a redraw facility. A redraw facility allows you to access additional funds you’ve repaid into your home loan. Some lenders offer this on variable rate home loans but not on fixed. If this option is available to you, contact your lender to discuss how to access it.
  3. Apply for a construction loan: A construction loan is typically used when constructing a new property but can also be used as a home renovation loan. You may find that a construction loan is a suitable option as it enables you to draw funds as your renovation project progresses. You can compare construction home loans online or speak to a mortgage broker about taking out such a loan.
  4. Look into government grants: Check whether there are any government grants offered when you need the funds and whether you qualify. Initiatives like the HomeBuilder Grant were offered by the Federal Government for a limited period until April 2021. They could help fund your renovations either in full or just partially.  

How do I apply for Westpac’s first home buyer loan?

If you’re a first home buyer looking to apply for a home loan with Westpac, they offer an online home loan application. They suggest the application can be completed in about 20 minutes. Based on the information you provide, Westpac will advise you the amount you can borrow and the costs associated with any possible home loan. 

You can use Westpac’s online mortgage calculators to estimate your borrowing power. You can also work out the time it might take to save up for the deposit, and the size of your home loan repayments

When applying for a home loan with Westpac, you’re assigned a home finance manager who can address your concerns and provide information. The manager will also offer guidance on any government grants you may be eligible for. 

How can I get ANZ home loan pre-approval?

Shopping for a new home is an exciting experience and getting a pre-approval on the loan may give you the peace of mind that you are looking at properties within your budget. 

At the time of applying for the ANZ Bank home loan pre-approval, you will be required to provide proof of employment and income, along with records of your savings and debts.

An ANZ home loan pre-approval time frame is usually up to three months. However, being pre-approved doesn’t necessarily mean you will get your home loan. Other factors could lead to your home loan application being rejected, even with a prior pre-approval. Some factors include the property evaluation not meeting the bank’s criteria or a change in your financial circumstances.

You can make an application for ANZ home loan pre-approval online or call on 1800100641 Mon-Fri 8.00 am to 8.00 pm (AEST).

How to apply for a home loan pre-approval from St. George?

By applying for a home loan pre-approval, you can establish how much you can afford to borrow and look for houses within that pre-approved budget. Getting home loan pre-approval from St. George is a fairly simple process that can be completed within 15 minutes. 

The first step in this process is completing a home loan application. Once that application is submitted, a home loan expert from St. George will contact you to understand your requirements and your current financial position. You could also directly contact a home loan expert at the bank by calling 13 33 30 or by visiting your nearest branch. 

Once the application has been processed, the home loan expert will ask for some basic documentation to confirm your borrowing capacity. After this, you should be issued a home loan pre-approval, subject to certain conditions. 

Based on your home loan pre-approval from St. George, you can then find a property and make an offer. Your home loan expert will arrange to have the property valued and may request for more documentation, taking your home loan application to the next step. 



Can first home buyers apply for an ING home loan?

First home buyers can apply for an ING home loan, but first, they need to select the most suitable home loan product and calculate the initial deposit on their home loan. 

First-time buyers can also use ING’s online tool to estimate the amount they can borrow. ING offers home loan applicants a free property report to look up property value estimates. 

First home loan applicants struggling to understand the terms used may consider looking up ING’s first home buyer guide. Once the home buyer is ready to apply for the loan, they can complete an online application or call ING at 1800 100 258 during regular business hours.

How do I find out my current interest rate and how much is owing on my loan?

Your bank statements and/or your internet banking should show these details. If you are not sure, call your bank or estimate.

What are the benefits of getting a pre-approved home loan from Citibank?

While hunting for your dream home, getting a Citibank home loan pre-approval can have multiple benefits, which include:

  • You'll have an idea on your personal price range, which can save time to find your home.
  • With a pre-approved home loan, you may find yourself with more financial control to better decide how much you can spend.
  • A Citibank pre-approved home loan is a commitment  by a lender that signals you're ready to jump into the property market.

You can apply for pre-approval by providing basic details, such as name, email, and phone number on the bank’s website. Alternatively, you can contact the bank on 1300 361 922 or find a home lending officer on the website.

What is the ME bank home loan approval time?

To start the process of getting a loan with ME bank, you can fill out the online application form. You’ll have to provide information about your income details, assets and liabilities, and the property you want to buy.

Generally, the pre-approval of your loan application can happen within four hours, and in some instances, it may take up to two weeks. It’s important to remember this is only conditional approval.

If you make an offer and the seller accepts it, you’ll need to wait for the cooling-off period, which varies from two to five days depending on where you live. After that, it can take between six and eight weeks after contracts have been exchanged for your application for unconditional approval to be processed.

How do you determine which home loan rates/products I’m shown?

When you check your home loan rate, you’ll supply some basic information about your current loan, including the amount owing on your mortgage and your current interest rate.

We’ll compare this information to the home loan options in the RateCity database and show you which home loan products you may be eligible to apply for.


Who offers 40 year mortgages?

Home loans spanning 40 years are offered by select lenders, though the loan period is much longer than a standard 30-year home loan. You're more likely to find a maximum of 35 years, such as is the case with Teacher’s Mutual Bank

Currently, 40 year home loan lenders in Australia include AlphaBeta Money, BCU, G&C Mutual Bank, Pepper, and Sydney Mutual Bank.

Even though these lengthier loans 35 to 40 year loans do exist on the market, they are not overwhelmingly popular, as the extra interest you pay compared to a 30-year loan can be over $100,000 or more.

How to apply for a pre-approval home loan from HSBC Bank?

If you’re planning on applying for a home loan, the best way to start is by having a clear picture of your requirements. By getting a pre-approval on your home loan, you can go house shopping with a definite budget, which can help you narrow down your search considerably. So, once you have identified the type of property you would like to purchase, you can seek pre-approval on a home loan from HSBC Bank. 

You can apply for this form of conditional approval by contacting HSBC’s loan experts on 1300 694 722 or visiting the HSBC branch nearest to you. The process is fairly simple and fast: the representative will verify some key facts like your income and property valuation. You’ll usually be told within a couple of weeks whether you’ve been successful.