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People’s Choice is one of Australia’s largest credit unions. People’s Choice Credit Union is member-owned and does not have shareholders. Originally established in 1949, People’s Choice was created in 2009 through the merger of Australian Central and Savings & Loans.

People’s Choice has over 360,000 members across the country and employs over 1,000 staff. It operates 40 branches and four advice centres in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT.

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Why choose People's Choice


  • Moderately low annual fee
  • Covered by Visa Checkout and Verified by Visa
  • Eligible for Apply Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay


  • No rewards scheme
  • No frequent flyer points
  • Small selection of credit cards

People's Choice Credit Cards

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About People’s Choice Credit Union credit cards

As a credit union, People’s Choice offers fewer credit card options than one may find with the big four banks in Australia. Because it is owned by its members rather than by shareholders, People’s Choice Credit Union focuses on offering credit cards with reasonable rates and fees.

People’s Choice offers classic credit cards backed by Visa. Its offering does not include platinum, frequent flyer, student or rewards credit cards.

People’s Choice Credit Union credit card rates tend to be moderate, though eligible customers will enjoy a very low introductory interest rate. After the introductory deal has expired, the card will incur a standard interest rate.

The fees charged by People’s Choice Credit Union are generally reasonable, with most cards incurring a moderately low annual fee. People’s Choice Credit Union also charges small fees for cash advances and balance transfers.

People’s Choice Credit Union credit cards review

People’s Choice Credit Union offers no-frill credit cards, making it suitable for budget card holders and everyday spenders. People’s Choice credit cards do not include a rewards scheme.

Although People’s Choice Credit Union does not offer a rewards credit card, customers are given access to Visa Entertainment, which includes a range of exclusive entertainment offers.

Like many credit unions, People’s Choice uses its profits to keep rates and fees reasonable. People’s Choice Credit Union credit card rates are moderate, while the annual fees tend to be moderately low.

People’s Choice Credit Union credit cards are accepted worldwide and are protected by Visa Checkout by Visa and Verified by Visa. Credit cards issued by People’s Choice are equipped with payWave and are eligible for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

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