Does Afterpay affect your credit score?

Shoppers find the buy now, pay later services quite attractive but before you jump in, you should know how these services work and if they impact your credit score.

Do credit inquiries affect your credit score?

Some types of credit inquiries can hurt your credit score. Learn how a credit inquiry affects your credit score and how you can minimise any negative effect.

Does having a credit card improve credit score?

Having a credit card is important for establishing and building a credit history. But you need to use this financial tool sensibly so that it doesn’t cause any negative impact on your credit score.

Does closing accounts affect your credit score?

When closing credit accounts, check how it affects your credit score. It may not always affect your credit score, but you need to consider a few factors.

What to do if your credit score dropped for no reason

If your credit score has dropped, consider finding out why. There may be a good explanation, but if it’s an error or fraud, you’ll need to get it fixed.

Illion credit reports

Find out what an illion credit report is, how it impacts your creditworthiness and how having a good (or great) illion credit score helps you as a borrower.

Can debit cards help your credit score?

Unlike credit cards, debit cards don’t involve taking on debt. Debit card transactions, therefore, don’t have any impact on your credit score.

How does mortgage affect credit score, and credit score affect mortgages?

When buying a home you may wonder how your mortgage affects your credit score. Check your credit report to know how a mortgage affects your credit score.

What happens to your credit score after bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy can cause your credit score to drop and remains on your credit file longer than other defaults. You can repair your score once out of bankruptcy.

What is a business credit score?

When you need a loan for your business, lenders will consider your business credit score. Learn what’s a good business credit score and how to build yours.