Does getting married change your credit score?

Getting married is meant to be one of the happiest times of your life, so it goes without saying the last thing you’ll be thinking about is how your credit score comes into play. But before you walk down the aisle, it may be worth considering the impact on your personal finances and your credit history.

What is the earliest age you can get a credit score?

Whether you’re nearing the end of school, or you’re the parent of a child who is considering applying for financial products, understanding the basics of credit scores is essential. Australian credit reports may begin at 18 years old, but there are key things to keep in mind.

Will you hurt your credit score if you cancel your credit card?

If you have a credit card that you’ve successfully paid off in full, and perhaps feel that you’d be better off without for one reason or another, you might be considering cancelling it and closing the account altogether.

The difference between a good and a bad credit score in personal loans

Your credit score plays one of the most important roles in a personal loan application. But exactly how different could a personal loan interest rate be, based on good or bad credit scores?

Four habits to learn to love to keep your credit score top notch

Being mindful of your financial habits can make a big difference to how easy or hard it is to keep your credit score at the top end of the band. Here are four of the top ways to maintain or grow a good credit score:

What has the biggest impact on your credit score?

You’d be surprised just how many of your everyday financial decisions impact your credit history. But which event makes the biggest impact on your credit score?

Do unpaid taxes affect your credit score?

Your unpaid personal taxes should not affect your credit score in most cases, though unpaid business taxes may be another story.

What is a good credit score?

Whether or not you have a good credit score could mean the difference between borrowing the amount you want on a competitive interest rate and not being approved at all.

Does your credit score directly relate to how much money you can take out?

If you’re applying for credit products you may be wondering how much your credit score comes into play. But did you know your credit score may impact the amount of money you’re approved for?

Why a credit score check doesn't affect your credit score

You may have heard that when a bank or lender performs a credit check, that can potentially reduce your credit score, making it harder to borrow money in the future. However, checking your own credit score isn’t the same as a credit check from a bank, and does not hurt your credit score. Here’s why.