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Can you get a business loan with a bad credit history?

If you have a low or poor credit score, you may find getting a business loan tough. Find out how you can improve your chances of getting approved for the loan.

Does opening a savings account affect my credit score?

If you’ve struggled with poor credit history in the past, or if you’re curious about when credit checks may be performed, you may want to know if opening a savings account will impact your credit score.

Three great reasons checking your credit score can help you

Your credit score is an assessment of your financial responsibility. If you have a good credit score, lenders may feel more confident about lending you more money at lower interest rates. But if you have a bad credit score, you may find it harder to successfully apply for credit.

Will paying off a personal loan increase my credit score?

Reaching the end of your loan term and making your final repayment can be a satisfying feat. But will paying off your personal loan give your credit score a boost, or could it have the opposite effect?

When will my mortgage show up on my credit report?

If you’ve recently been given full approval for a mortgage and have settled on your property, you may want to know when your mortgage will show up on your credit report.

Will applying for a personal loan affect my credit score?

If you’re a diligent borrower and you consistently prioritise your credit score, you’ll likely have it front of mind when applying for new credit.

How to help your kids improve their credit score

Let’s skip the obvious advice of “don’t take on more debt than you can manage”. There are a range of practical steps you may want to consider taking to help develop a kid's credit history and improve their credit score.

Will multiple home loan applications affect my credit rating?

Making multiple home loan applications can have adverse effects on your credit history, credit score and your likelihood for approval from any one of the lenders.

How to get a perfect credit score

If you know a thing or two about personal finance, you’ll likely be aware that typically only those who have excellent credit scores are offered the most competitive credit products.

How identity theft can affect your credit score

Online scams, including identity theft, are some of the most common ways Australians experience financial scams each year. If you’ve been targeted by identity theft, it’s important to know how it may affect your credit score, and what you can do to repair any damage done.