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bcu has several savings accounts available for its members. The iSaver account can be accessed online or via the bcu iBank app, and offers higher interest rates for higher balances. The Advantage Saver account is intended for self-funded retirees and pensioners, offering higher interest rates for higher balances and easy access to your savings. And for kids, a Scoot Super Saver account can help encourage positive saving habits.

bcu is a division of Police & Nurses Limited following the successful merger between Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd and Police & Nurses Limited. Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd was originally created in the early 1970s. It was formed by a small group of business owners—predominately banana farmers on the NSW North Coast—to provide a local, realistic banking alternative to the big banks. Fast forward nearly 50 years and the bcu brand continues to offer localised service and expertise from Port Macquarie to the Sunshine Coast whilst enjoying the economies of scale that comes from being part of the larger member-owned Police & Nurses Limited.

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  • No account keeping fees


  • iSaver account is online-only

BCU Bank Savings Accounts

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