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Alex Ritchie

Personal Finance Editor

Alex Ritchie is a Personal Finance Writer and Editor at RateCity, and has been writing about Australian finance for over five years. Her expertise and passion covers loans, credit, superannuation, and closing the gender pay gap, and she aims to help young Aussies to overcome their financial apathy. Alongside RateCity, Alex has been published in numerous publications, including Australia's Money Magazine, Business Insider, Lifehacker Australia, and in health via NPS MedicineWise.

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Home Loans

What is a flexible home loan and should you consider one?

Flexible home loans can offer you more than just your standard monthly mortgage repayments, so if you are looking for flexibility to match your forever changing lifestyle, consider a flexible home loan.

Savings Accounts

ANZ launches app-based Plus and Save accounts: how do they compare?

One of Australia’s biggest banks, ANZ, has launched a new banking app that offers customers both an everyday account and ‘multi-goal’ savings account. But how does it compare to other big bank offerings?

Home Loans

How to find your remaining loan term

You may be closer to the end of your loan term than you think so discover how to find your remaining loan term. Plus, there are steps that homeowners can take to shave years off their loan.

Home Loans

When is the right time to switch to fixed interest rates?

Experts advise that when we near the end of the interest rate cycle that when it’s time to start fixing rates. But how do we know for sure that the right time is approaching?

Home Loans

How to use equity to buy investment property

Are you watching others around you build their property portfolios and wondering how to buy your own investment property without blowing all your savings? If you own a home, you could harness the power of your home equity to get a kick start.

Home Loans

What is a home loan package?

A home loan package may offer a variety of benefits – but it can come with a price. It’s worth understanding the advantages and risks of a home loan package before you sign on the dotted line. 

Home Loans

Selecting the right home loan

Let’s explore what factors are important to compare when searching for your best home loan option, and how to easily compare home loans and create a short list that suits your needs.


Stablecoin TerraUSD death spiral: Luna Foundation Guard sells assets to repay users

Last week TerraUSD depegged, causing a ripple effect that wiped around $60 billion from the crypto markets. Now its death spiral has led to the company selling its remaining digital assets.

Home Loans

Smaller units are losing value faster: how the property you choose impacts price

Small houses and one-bedroom units have taken a dive in terms of median prices nationally, according to research from Domain. First home buyers may consider keeping an eye out for smaller home bargains.

Car Loans

Westpac lowers interest rates for hybrid and EVs: compare green car loan rates

Westpac revealed a new, lower car loan interest rate for customers considering purchasing a new or used hybrid or electric vehicle. Discover how it compares to other loans and how to compare green car financing.