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Alex is a personal finance writer and PR professional at RateCity, and has been writing about finance for over three years. She is passionate about closing the gender pay and superannuation gap, and aims to help young Aussies to overcome their financial apathy and better manage their finances. Alex has been published in numerous print and online outlets, including Money Magazine, Lifehacker Australia, and Business Insider.

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Home Loans

Citi withdraws consumer business: mortgages, retail banking and credit cards

Global group, Citi, has today announced it will withdraw from its consumer banking business in Australia, as well as 13 other markets. Citi’s consumer business includes mortgages, retail banking and credit cards.

Home Loans

Home loan cashback deals on offer for April 2021

Lenders are fighting to get new home loan customers on to their books this April, with the majority of cashback deals, once again, available for refinancers only.

Credit Cards

Spend on travel up as consumer confidence bounces back

Consumer confidence is back, and Aussies are using their plastic again for travel, with the latest Citi research showing spending increased 23 per cent month-on-month.

Savings Accounts

AMP increases savings rate: which savings account type is the most competitive?

Savers across Australia may feel as if earning a decent interest rate on your savings account nest egg feels next to impossible. But a new offer from AMP is a timely reminder that it pays to shop around and compare your savings account options.

Home Loans

Aussie property prices skyrocket: fastest increase since 1988

Housing prices across the country surged at the fastest increase in 32 years to a new record high. And the current low-rate environment is fuelling the property market fire.

Bank Accounts

How to switch banks

If you’re considering switching bank accounts, you may be surprised to learn it’s an easier process than you think. In fact, it only takes four steps, and you could be set up with a new bank account in a matter of minutes.

Home Loans

How a cashback deal may help cut the cost of refinancing

Research from RateCity shows that a borrower taking advantage of cashback deals may break even before they’ve made their first new mortgage repayment and be $1,398 better off from refinancing.

Savings Accounts

Some of the best kids savings accounts for March 2021

So, how can Aussie parents hoping to teach children about money and actually find a competitive interest rate to help grow their balances? This is where RateCity’s leaderboards come in.

Credit Score

The difference between a good and a bad credit score in personal loans

Your credit score plays one of the most important roles in a personal loan application. But exactly how different could a personal loan interest rate be, based on good or bad credit scores?


How to make super contributions a habit in the time of COVID

Considering superannuation contributions? You’d be surprised just how much spare change you may have if you cut out some of life’s little luxuries.