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Alex Ritchie is a Personal Finance Writer and Editor at RateCity, and has been writing about Australian finance for over six years. Her expertise and passion covers loans, credit, superannuation, and closing the gender pay gap, and she aims to help young Aussies to overcome their financial apathy. Alongside RateCity, Alex has been published in numerous publications, including Australia's Money Magazine, Business Insider, Lifehacker Australia, and in health via NPS MedicineWise.

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Car Insurance

Does pay as you drive car insurance save you money?

Pay As You Drive insurance works by allowing customers to only pay for the kilometres they drive instead of paying a fixed premium. Pay As You Drive policies aim to provide a more individualised approach to calculating insurance costs. 

Home Insurance

Green insurance: ethical insurers in Australia

If you’re intent on making more sustainable choices this year - this could also include your insurance provider. Two major insurers, Auto & General and Huddle, have both committed to avoiding companies in the fossil fuel sector.

Car Insurance

What are the most common reasons your car insurance claim will be denied?

Let’s explore the most common reasons why car insurance claims are denied, helping you steer clear of potential pitfalls.

Home Loans

More lenders to help buyers with low deposits through Home Guarantee Scheme

More of Australia's biggest banks are now part of the Australian Government’s Home Guarantee Scheme. Westpac subsidiaries St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA have joined into the scheme.

Car Loans

Are salary sacrifice car schemes worth it? Pros and cons of salary sacrificing for a car

After your home, your next largest purchase could be your car. A salary sacrifice car loan may be among the car finance options worth considering, depending on your personal financial situation. It’s important to know the features and benefits of a salary sacrifice, as well as the potential risks, in order to understand the potential value it could offer you.


10 ways to save on electricity and gas at home

Running up huge bills for electricity and gas? Let’s look at some ways to save money on electricity and gas so that you can bring your costs down.

Credit Cards

Australians to cut back on Christmas spending: how to avoid credit card debt this silly season

For those hoping to get through the silly season by using their plastic, it's a timely reminder for everyone to exercise caution and steer clear of credit card debt.

Home Loans

Tiimely change for Tic:Toc: rebrand for online-based mortgage provider

One of Australia’s most competitive online-based mortgage providers is rebranding. Effective as of today, 14 November, Tic:Toc will be changing to Tiimely Home.  

Home Insurance

Is flood insurance included in your policy?

With more and more flooding events occurring in Australia, it’s a no-brainer to investigate whether your home insurance covers damages from floods.

Home Loans

When will your bank hike your mortgage rate and how much could it cost you?

30 lenders have announced plans to increase variable home loan rates, including the Big Four Banks. Homeowners are likely wondering when they can expect this latest increase to take effect, and how much it’ll put them out-of-pocket.