Alex Ritchie

Personal Finance Writer

Alex is a personal finance writer and PR professional at RateCity, and has been writing about finance for over three years. She is passionate about closing the gender pay and superannuation gap, and aims to help young Aussies to overcome their financial apathy and better manage their finances. Alex has been published in numerous print and online outlets, including Money Magazine, Lifehacker Australia, and Business Insider.

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Credit Cards

Is it bad to have a credit card and not use it?

Do you have a credit card but for whatever reason find yourself seldom using it? You may have wondered if this is actually a good or a bad thing, or if it can even impact your credit history.

Home Loans

What are the upfront costs when buying a home?

Here is a comprehensive look at the major upfront costs you may be charged when buying a home, their average costs, and how you can potentially avoid them.

Credit Cards

How does a credit card interest free period work?

You’ve nabbed a credit card with a high number of interest free days but realised you’re not quite sure when the first day starts, or if your interest free days apply to each new purchase.

Term Deposits

Best term deposits for October 2020

With another Reserve Bank of Australia-led cash rate cut tipped for November, could now be the time to lock in a competitive term deposit rate?

Credit Cards

Afterpay versus credit cards: which is better for your finances

A younger generation of Australians are turning to Buy Now, Pay Later services to fund their spending. But two of the big four banks are stepping up to the plate, offering a no-interest credit card alternative to Afterpay and its competitors.

Bank Accounts

Samsung Pay partners with eftpos when contactless payments needed most

Samsung Electronics Australia has partnered with eftpos to allow contactless transactions to be made through Samsung Pay, via the eftpos network.

Savings Accounts

Are savings accounts free?

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the same can be said about savings accounts.

Home Loans

New home lending surges to highest level since January 2018

New home lending made another surge in August, despite the fact Australia was staring down the barrel of a recession.

Credit Cards

Can my credit card points expire?

Here is everything you need to know about how credit card points can be limited and even removed by your card provider.

Credit Cards

How long does it take to transfer my credit card balance?

Balance transfer credit cards can be an invaluable tool for cardholders hoping to work off their existing card debt. But just how long does it actually take to transfer your existing balance over to your new credit card?