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Georgia Brown is a journalist and content writer for RateCity. Before venturing into the world of personal finance, she worked as a reporter for and Smart Property Investment. She now works truly amongst personal finance, while also writing about other areas, such as sustainable finance and super.

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Personal Loans

Why does my personal loan interest vary month to month?

If you aren’t quite sure how interest is calculated on your personal loan, it may come as a surprise learning that monthly interest charges vary even on fixed rate loans.

Bank Accounts

Best bank accounts for October 2020

There’s no time like the present to ensure your transaction account is offering you competitive features and minimal to no fees.


How do I consolidate my super funds?

If you’re one of the millions of Australians who hold multiple superannuation accounts, you might be ready to move your retirement savings into one place.

Personal Loans

Australia’s best personal loans for October 2020

New personal lending recorded a drop in the latest reference period, but consumer confidence is on the up, according to recent data.

Car Loans

Do I need a deposit to get a car loan?

Whatever the reason you may be looking for car finance, having enough cash in the bank for a deposit might not be the first thing on your mind.


How important is the performance of a super fund?

Despite too often being disregarded, one of the most important factors of your super fund is the investment return that it makes, known as its performance.

Car Loans

Can I increase my home loan to buy a car?

If the time has come to upgrade to a new set of wheels, but your savings won’t quite cover the purchase cost, you might be weighing up your financing options.

Home Loans

Will a HECS or HELP debt affect your credit score?

While your uni days might now be a thing of the past and your focus is on the future, you may be left wondering if your student debt will rear its ugly head.

Personal Loans

Can I have two personal loans at the same time?

No matter how much of a forward planner you are, there can be times when your financial needs change seemingly overnight.

Car Loans

Is it possible to pause my car loan repayments?

There may come a time when even the most cautious of borrowers experience an unavoidable blow to their finances, making it difficult to meet their previously manageable repayments.