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Georgia Brown

Personal Finance Editor

Georgia Brown is a Personal Finance Editor and journalist for RateCity. Before venturing into the world of personal finance, she worked as a reporter for realestate.com.au and Smart Property Investment. She now works truly amongst personal finance, while also writing about other areas, such as sustainable finance and super.

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New study shows responsible super funds financially outperforming peers

Australian super funds that demonstrate leading practice responsible investment are taking a bigger share of the market and achieving stronger performance, according to a new study.

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Top-rated green car loans for your electric vehicle purchase

New car sales figures have seen an overall decline for the first time in 11 months, but electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to rise.

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October’s top green personal loans allow Aussies to switch to solar sooner

According to new research, 82 per cent of Aussies agree that renewable energy is the key to a greener future.

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Expert tips for car buying in lockdown, as new car sales continue to climb

New vehicle sales figures saw considerable growth in August, despite Covid-19 related lockdowns restricting access to showrooms in many states and territories.


How can I find out where my super money is invested?

Being proactive with your superannuation from the early stages of your career can have long lasting effects, and that includes knowing where your money is being invested.

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How August’s top personal loans could help you plan for the future

While we might be restricted in what we can do today, or even this month, there’s no reason why we can’t look to the future by locking in some plans.

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How a car loan affects your credit score

If you’re in the market for new set of wheels and you’re looking to buy on finance, you might be wondering – does a car loan affect your credit score? It’s certainly something worth considering when taking out any kind of credit product.

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Can I transfer my car loan to someone else?

While you probably didn’t anticipate having to sell your car before the end of your loan term, plenty can change over the course of a few years. This might lead you to wonder whether you can transfer your car loan to another person.

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Will paying off a personal loan increase my credit score?

Reaching the end of your loan term and making your final repayment can be a satisfying feat. But will paying off your personal loan give your credit score a boost, or could it have the opposite effect?

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What happens if my car is stolen and I have a car loan?

Having your car stolen can be an ordeal at the best of times. But what happens if it’s stolen when it’s still under finance?