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One of RateCity's Personal Finance writers, Jodie has worked for banks and comparison websites for a number of years, and now spends her time working on ways to make money make sense for everyone else.

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Credit Cards

Ten interesting facts about credit cards

Are you interested to learn more about credit cards and their history? Here are ten interesting facts about these plastic cards that are sure to leave you intrigued.

Home Insurance

What are the factors that affect home insurance premiums?

House insurance covers the damage costs to your property due to reasons like fire, theft, or storm. Several factors affect the premium, like potential risk and amount of cover. Read on to learn more about the factors that affect homeowners’ insurance premiums.

Home Insurance

Why do I need holiday home insurance?

Your holiday home needs the same level of insurance cover as your regular home, more so if you plan on renting it out. How you choose holiday home insurance depends on what your plans for the property are.

Credit Cards

How to accept credit card payments for your Australian small business

To provide seamless and easy payment options to your customers, you could consider accepting credit card payments for your Australian small business.

Home Insurance

Do home insurance claims follow you?

Your home insurance claims will affect the premium you pay for a new policy for a few years. If you have made no claims, you can get a no-claims discount.

Home Loans

Can I get a home loan with no credit check?

With no credit check, home loans may not be approved by most lenders. If you’re facing bad credit issues, check how you can repair your credit score.

Car Insurance

Alternatives to a car insurance cover note

Are you looking for temporary car insurance cover for your car? You can get the benefits of a car insurance cover note by using these alternatives.

Home Loans

Can you salary sacrifice a home loan?

You may be able to salary sacrifice into a home loan if your employer allows it, but there may be limits on the amount of salary sacrificing possible. 

Car Insurance

What you should know about third-party fire and theft car insurance

A third-party fire and theft car insurance policy covers your liability in an at-fault accident and also covers your car for fire damage and theft.

Home Loans

Can you get a home loan on Centrelink?

It is possible to get a home loan on Centrelink payments; however, the application process can be challenging, and you will need to do your research.