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One of RateCity's Personal Finance writers working across the site, Jodie has worked for banks and comparison websites for a number of years, writing articles across Sharesight, Finder, and other places. Now, Jodie spends her time working on ways to make money make sense for everyone else.

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Why you should track the average energy price across Australia

Tracking and comparing energy prices can help you lower your energy expenses and decide if you need to switch to another retailer. 

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What is the maximum amount you can borrow with a reverse mortgage?

If you’re considering a reverse mortgage, several factors impact the maximum amount that you can borrow.

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Tax deductions for your investment property

To make the most from your investment property, it helps to better understand its tax deductions. Find out more. 

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Refinancing a mortgage to pay for renovations

Whether you’re planning to knock down some walls or touch up your bathroom or kitchen, you may need to borrow some money to pay for the material and labour costs. One of the options is to refinance your home loan and free up some cash to pay for the renovations. 

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What do mortgage lenders look for in bank statements?

When you’re applying for a home loan, you will need to send your bank statements to the lender. It’s a good idea to know what lenders are actually looking for when they go over your bank statements.


Compare energy providers in Queensland to get the best electricity and gas deals

Households and businesses located in Queensland have many options for electricity and gas suppliers. Compare energy plans in QLD to find the right deal for you. 

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What are reverse mortgage tax obligations?

If you’re over 60 and looking for an additional line of credit, you may want to consider a reverse mortgage. But what are your reverse mortgage tax implications? 


How do super guarantee contributions work?

At present, employers must make super guarantee contributions for eligible employees worth 9.5 per cent of the employees’ pre-tax wages, up to a fixed limit.  


How much electricity does a business use and how can you reduce it?

To reduce your energy intake first, you need to know how much you use. You can also compare your businesses energy usage against the average to see how much to reduce it.


What's the average gas bill in Australia?

What is the average price of natural gas in Australia? This will depend on where you live, but understanding the average gas bill may help you find a better deal for your household.