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Car Loans

Will my car loan affect my mortgage application?

A car loan is a form of debt and as with any form of debt, how diligent you are in repaying it will impact your home loan eligibility.

Home Loans

Is a mortgage a secured or unsecured loan?

There are some important differences between secured and unsecured loans. If you’re about to get a secured home loan, it’s essential to understand what you offer in exchange for your mortgage and how to protect it. 

Home Loans

How to get multiple mortgages for investment properties

You can invest in real estate to earn rental income and capital appreciation. For this, you need to know how to get multiple mortgages for investment properties. 

Home Loans

Can I take a second mortgage for home improvements?

If you’re looking for extra cash to start renovating, you may have considered taking out a second mortgage as an alternative to refinancing. Find out the pros and cons to using a second mortgage for home improvements. 

Home Loans

Can you buy a house with a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage allows people to borrow against their home’s equity. It’s sometimes an option used by older Australians. 

Home Loans

How does the interest rate affect mortgage payments?

If you’ve taken out a variable rate home loan and the interest rate changes, your monthly repayment amount will change. Understand how this works.

Home Loans

What are the tax benefits available to first-time homebuyers renting out their property?

Homeowners may qualify for tax deductions when they rent out the home and make improvements. They can also claim a deduction for loss in any equipment’s value. 


What is a super re-contribution strategy?

By adopting a super re-contribution strategy whereby you withdraw super and then deposit it in the same or a different super fund later, you may save on tax.


Is superannuation payable on termination payments?

If you’re planning to switch jobs or your employment was terminated for any reason, it’s helpful to understand your rights before deciding on next steps. When it comes to whether your employer must pay superannuation on termination payments, the general answer is no.


Will you get superannuation contributions on workers compensation payments?

Generally, superannuation is not payable when you are on workers compensation. However, there are certain exceptions. Find out more.