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Rates of the Nation Report, January 2017

The Rates of the Nation report is an historical analysis of interest rates in the home loans, credit cards and deposits space for the last quarter.

Home Loans

Rates of the Nation Report, October 2016

With the cash rate cut to 1.50 per cent in August, there was a lot of interest rate action during the past quarter – particularly in the mortgage and deposit spaces, yet little movement in credit card rates.

Home Loans

Have you paid $16k more for your big bank loan?

Home Loans

Not so fast: Why the RBA may not cut rates

With Sportsbet.com.au paying only $1.45 for a cut, and $2.60 for no change, you may say the smart money is on an RBA cut for tomorrow. But with the market only pricing in a 64...

Home Loans

Lenders slash home loan rates in 2016, with just one catch

Competition among mortgage providers is already heating up with hot new discounts from a range of lenders hitting the market in the first few weeks of January. AMP Bank, Beyond Bank, Click Home Loans, IMB, Mortgage House and Suncorp Bank have all announced new low rates in 2016, slashed by up to 0.45 percentage points.

Home Loans

Is now the time to fix your home loan?

A total of 11 lenders, including several major banks, have dropped their three year fixed rates in the last fortnight to lows of 3.89 per cent. With rates at record lows, is now a good time to fix?


Super fees - how much are you paying?

How much of your superannuation balance is lost to super fees? One percent? Five percent? Maybe even 10 percent? Try closer to a quarter.

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How to maximise a pay rise

So your boss has agreed to give you that long-awaited pay rise. Don't start living it up though - consider where you could invest this money instead.


Relationship breakdowns, your super and you

Relationship breakdowns are messy all on their own. But when superannuation funds are involved, it can get even trickier.


Changing jobs and superannuation: What you need to know

There's very few of us who stay at the same job for our entire lives. According to research, from 2009 to 2010 alone, around one-fifth of those employed had moved on to other opportunities.