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Home Insurance

Extreme weather insurance costs set to triple by 2050: are you prepared?

Australians are resilient but the inflating cost of insurance premiums, as a result of extreme weather, will test our resolve over the course of the next few decades. Consider other economic factors, such as rising interest rates plus inflation, and the forecast is quite bleak. Discover what you can do to combat the doom and gloom.

Savings Accounts

How much does the average Australian have in savings?

Savings can provide a safety net for individuals and households during periods of financial difficulty or stress. But how much does the average Australian actually have stashed away in their savings account?

Home Loans

How renting out a room could help pay off your mortgage

Leveraging extra space within your home can be a viable strategy for those looking to offset rising mortgage costs. However, it may be helpful to investigate the legal, financial, and practical aspects of this decision.

Car Loans

How do you refinance a car loan?

If you’re looking for a more competitive interest rate, or your circumstances have simply changed, it might be worth considering refinancing.

Personal Loans

Buying land? Top personal loans for November 2023

If you're able to acquire a plot of land at a reasonable price, it has the potential to speed up your access to capital growth opportunities and offer flexibility for future development.

Savings Accounts

Grow your savings with rates above 5.5% in November

Savings rates are at some of the highest levels in more than a decade. This means that there are several options for individuals looking to earn competitive interest on their savings.

Term Deposits

Stash your savings: top term deposits for November 2023

If you’re considering putting away some of your hard-earned savings, you may want to compare several term deposit accounts to discover those offering the most attractive rates and features that fit your savings goals.

Home Insurance

What are the most common reasons your home insurance claim will be denied?

Being informed of the various reasons an insurer may deny a claim can help you make sensible decisions when you’re considering filing a claim, and ensure that you're adequately covered.

Term Deposits

Is a term deposit an asset?

A term deposit falls under the category of a financial asset, specifically a cash and cash equivalent asset. It's a form of investment that you own, and it holds monetary value.

Car Loans

How to buy a car: everything you need to know

Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current vehicle, financing or buying outright, this guide covers everything you need to know about buying a car in Australia.