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Smart Search

Our tool will search through thousands of personal loans to find options that will work with your requirements. Our AI tool is built to ask you questions that will help you shortlist loans and filter out the ones which won’t be suitable for you. Ready to look at some options?

How does this work?

The best personal loan for one borrower may not be the best option for another borrower. With so many different interest rates, fees, features and benefits to compare, it can be hard to work out which personal loan may offer the most value to you.

RateCity’s Smart Search can help take some of the hard work out of comparing personal loans. All you need to do is provide some general information about what you’re looking for in a personal loan. We’ll take care of the rest, and provide you with a shortlist of personal loan deals based on the information you share with us.

Smart Search takes just a few minutes to use, and can quickly narrow down your personal loanoptions, making it easier to compare and choose a personal loan. When you’re ready to take the next step, you can contact the lender directly or be put in touch with a personal loan who can help you with your personal loan application.

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