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Australian Insurance Quotes Comparisons

Australian Insurance Quotes Comparisons

Many motorists often look to Australian insurance quotes comparison sites to cut their car insurance bill and save money. Others try to save money by cutting back on car servicing and repairs, and forego their safety in the process.

Putting off preventative servicing when you are struggling financially means that safety may be being neglected and minor repairs may escalate into expensive maintenance if ignored.

Given the number of car accidents that take place every year in Australia, cutting back on safety may be far more costly than you think. In NSW alone accidents cause more than 400 fatalities and 25,000 injuries each year, according to the state's Roads and Traffic Authority.

So that's why some motorists are looking to Australian insurance quotes comparison sites to save money rather than risking their safety. By doing so, they could potentially save themselves hundreds of dollars in premiums.

Other ways to save
Many car insurance providers will allow you to restrict the age of drivers of your car, which can help to reduce your premium. Another way to reduce your bill is by adjusting excess. Most insurers will allow you to choose how much you pay, should you make a claim and the higher the excess, the less you'll likely pay upfront. Paying your premium in a lump sum may also slash your premium.

Security devices including an alarm or immobiliser can also help to reduce your comprehensive car insurance bill, for obvious reasons. So get in and streamline your vehicle's cover and you'll soon see that you can save yourself in the long run.

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