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Car Insurance Compare

Car Insurance Compare

Anyone who has ever had a car accident, or even just a small dent, will know that car repairs can be costly. Repair bills can even run into thousands of dollars. That’s why most motorists consider car insurance a necessity.

Not all car insurance is the same; the cost (also known as the ‘premium’) varies, the type of cover offered can vary, and some insurance brands will offer service that suits your circumstances better than others. That's why it's important to understand what each car insurance policy offers so you can get the cover that’s right for you.

Making a choice

As a first step in considering what car insurance to compare, and before getting any car insurance quotes, you ought to consider what you want to insure – there are several levels of cover you may wish to consider. You have two main choices – to insure against damage done to your car (as well as any damage to other cars and property your vehicle causes), or only to insure against damage done to other cars or property by your car if the driver is at fault.

Comprehensive, or not?

The car insurance that covers only damage done to other vehicles and property is known as third party property insurance. The other option is known as comprehensive car insurance because it provides not only the cover included under a third party property insurance policy, but also covers the cost of damage done to your car, up to an agreed value (less any excess that may apply).

Like many financial products, the internet has made finding car insurance simpler.  You only need to type ‘car insurance compare’ or something similar into a search engine to be offered a number of choices.  RateCity provides car insurance quotes tailored to your situation and requirements from several insurance brands. For more information about comprehensive car insurance check out our car insurance guide or compare quotes online today. 

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