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Claims Service

Claims Service

The level of claims service offered by your car insurance company is basically the level at which they deny or approve claims.

Obviously car insurance companies with a high or good claims service will mean that the risk of your claim being denied is reduced as they are more likely to approve more claims.

In February 2010, CANSTAR surveyed 3,000 people with comprehensive car insurance on their level of claims service. In the survey they asked a series of questions based on the following:

  • Overall claims service experience
  • Features of their claims, such as:
    • Car hire
    • Choice of repairer
    • High quality of repairs
    • Quick turnaround

The results showed that overall customer’s claims service experience was high. When asked if based on their experience, how likely were they to recommend their insurance company to friends and family, around 26 percent rated the highest score, that they were very likely to recommend their current insurer. And only 2 percent surveys said that they would not recommend their insurer.

The results also showed that in the last three years 36 percent or one in three drivers had made a claim, approximately half were male and half female.

Out of those people that made a claim, 86 percent of females were extremely happy with their claims service and would continue using their insurance company, while 12 percent said they would consider making the switch. Approximately 81 percent of males said they would stay with their current insurer and 16 percent said that they would switch.

So if you are in the market for comprehensive car insurance and you want to find a car insurer with a high level of claims service, compare car insurance quotes online to find one that not only offers a lower premium but also a high star rating.

The table below lists car insurance companies that offer comprehensive car insurance.

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