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Comprehensive Car Insurance Brand

Comprehensive Car Insurance Brand

One of the most common complaints among motorists, which have been in an accident, involves their comprehensive car insurance brand’s nominated smash repairer.

Many cite poor workmanship – such as mismatching paint work – and communication breakdowns among their main concerns when dealing with repairers chosen by their car insurance providers.

Drivers decide
That’s why some drivers are opting for car insurance brand’s policies, which allow you to nominate your chosen repairer.

In early 2011, as part of its annual car insurance star ratings report, Canstar Cannex surveyed 3,000 drivers on the subject of the insurance claims and repair process.

They asked drivers about how satisfied they were with their insurer and their claims and repairs system and more than one quarter revealed that they were less than satisfied. Despite this, only 15 percent indicated that they would shop around for a better comprehensive car insurance brand.

Switch and save
By comparing comprehensive car insurance brand’s policies, drivers can not only find cover that allows them to nominate a repairer. But they can also potentially save hundreds of dollars in the process.

This is because car insurance comprehensive companies vary greatly on features and you might be paying for options that you don’t need or want. You can further reduce your comprehensive car insurance bill in a number of ways including paying a higher excess, restricting the driver profile, or by adding a security system to your vehicle.

Some comprehensive car insurance brands will also discount your premium when you opt to pay the bill upfront in one lump sum, rather than in instalments.

Compare comprehensive car insurance today.

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