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How to save a truckload on car insurance

How to save a truckload on car insurance

It’s one of those things you can’t live without, yet you begrudge paying for it. Car insurance, or lack of it, can make your life a misery if you are involved in a crash. In the past, it has not been easy to compare car insurance policies, leaving you secretly resigned to the fact that you are probably paying more than you need to.

There’s no doubt most people could potentially save money by switching insurers, but do you realise just how much money that could be?

RateCity has now launched its Car Insurance comparison engine, a first in Australia, to take the hard work out of comparing and purchasing an insurance policy. Using live prices from participating insurers, you can not only compare prices but also the features of each policy as well as seeing what star rating each product achieved.

The savings you can make on your car insurance are staggering; young drivers under 25 of both genders stand to save the most as their insurance policies vary the most, depending on which insurer they choose. In New South Wales a young driver could find themselves saving almost $2000 dollars and the average young driver around the country could potentially save over $900. That’s big dollars, especially when you’re young and on a tight budget.

If you’re over that magical insurance age of 25, don’t think you can’t save money. There are still hundreds of dollars of savings available for every driver type in every state. Families with young drivers should definitely be shopping around to see how much they can save because nationally there is the potential for them to cut their insurance bill by over $750.

On a state by state basis, motorists of New South Wales have the greatest range in their premiums and therefore the greatest potential to save by shopping around but with the national average of the potential savings being almost $600, there is certainly reason for everyone to jump on and compare premium prices.

How do I compare car insurance policies?

RateCity is the best website to shop around on for car insurance and most other financial products. 

As well as comparing car insurance policies at RateCity, you can also get instant quotes from leading Australian car insurance brands.

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