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Insurance Australia Car

Insurance Australia Car

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is a very important but often overlooked part of the process where you get insurance in Australia for your car. A PDS contains a lot of information, and too many people gloss over it, or skip the content. It’s worth spending a few more minutes reading the document closely, because it’s as much a part of getting insurance quotes for your car as the premium that a website displays.

A typical car insurance PDS will have a lot of definitions contained in it, and it’s very important to read these to get the best car insurance quotes in Australiafor your car. For example, one typical PDS includes definitions such as:

  • Agreed Value: which means the amount they agree to insure your vehicle for
  • Household Member: this means a person who normally lives at the same address as you, and in many cases, provided they are of a certain age, they are covered under your comprehensive car insurance policy when they drive your car
  • Modification: this means alterations to the standard engine, exhaust system, body, suspension, wheels, paintwork or sound system
  • No fault accident: this is an accident where the insurer decides the driver of the other vehicle is entirely at fault, and where you can provide details including the other driver’s name, residential address and registration number.

Make sure you read the PDS very closely when you get Australian insurance quotes for your car, and you’ll reduce the risk of signing up for something that gives you a nasty surprise!

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