Insurance Quotes Car

Insurance Quotes Car

To get insurance quotes for your car used to be a very difficult task. As recently as ten years ago, you would have only found insurance quotes for your car by ringing multiple car insurance companies directly, and speaking to someone for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes each time.

Things have changed significantly with the rise of the internet. Now you can get online insurance quotes for cars, either on the website of an individual car insurer, or from comparison websites like RateCity.

In order to get insurance quotes for a car online, you will need to answer a short number of questions. These questions will include your date of birth (because younger drivers tend to pay higher premiums), your address and how the car is parked at night, and of course the kind of car you want to insure. Some cars are much more expensive to insure, either because they are more valuable (and therefore expensive to fix or replace), or because they are more likely to be stolen or be in accidents based on historical data.

Comparing online insurance quotes for your car isn’t just about the price you are quoted. Obviously for most of us, price matters, and you don’t want to pay more than you have to. But make sure you always read the Product Disclosure Statement for an insurance policy, and compare all the features of the policy when you get online insurance quotes for your car. Features such as excess, or no-claim bonus are generally explained clearly by car insurance sites.

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Learn more about car insurance

Can you insure your car for 6 months?

Most Australian insurers won’t offer you a 6-month car insurance policy, so you may need to buy a policy that covers your car for damages and cancel it after six months. You will need to purchase comprehensive car insurance to protect your car from accidental damage, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.. 

Consider checking whether your 6-month comprehensive car insurance will cost more if you pay monthly or six-monthly premiums instead of a one-time annual premium. Another question to ask the insurer is whether you’ll need to pay administration or cancellation fees when you cancel the policy.

Alternatively, you can look for a suitable ‘pay as you drive’ car insurance policy, which usually offers you the coverage of a comprehensive car insurance policy but only requires you to pay for the distance driven. Such a policy may not be the ideal 6-month car insurance plan as it is based on how much you drive rather than for how long. If you need to drive a lot, you may end up paying more than you’d pay for regular car insurance. 

Does insurance cover a stolen car if keys were in the car?

A car insurance policy that covers the theft of your car, such as third party fire and theft insurance, usually covers a stolen car, even if the keys were in the car’s ignition.

However, your insurer may deny the claim if you live in an area where there have been several car robberies reported recently. They will see you leaving the keys in the car as a case of negligence. In such cases, your insurance provider may even expect you to have installed anti-theft security measures in your car. 

You may need to confirm whether or not you left your keys in your car, and if they had been stolen or misplaced, before filing your car insurance claim. The loss or theft of your car keys may be covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy, but usually as an optional item.

If you can confirm that your car keys were stolen, mention this in your claim as this will help establish that your car was not stolen as a result of your negligence.