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RateCity Staff

RateCity Staff

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Ever wondered why your car insurance premium increases, even though you are yet to make a claim? By covering risky drivers with insurance premiums insurance companies are spending revenue and this lost expense is reflected in your high premium.

When searching for low cost car insurance ensure you are able to choose from a range of options and features so you can shape your car insurance policy to suit yourself and make the most of your savings.

To make sure you can get a great deal and a low cost car insurance policy when shopping for a new car, compare insurance rates at RateCity.com.au before making your purchase. Compare policies and features and find out how much you could save by conducting a quick, no obligation quote online. Insurance premiums can differ by several hundred dollars between different insurers according to your motor vehicles make and model. Some vehicles are considered hazardous, insecure or unreliable while others are black-marked as higher risks to burglary. So it may come as a surprise that all of these factors as well as your age, gender and street address are taken into consideration when calculating your insurance premium.

There is an abundance of low cost car insurance premiums available on the Australian market. Look out for additional features and discounts such as:

  • No claim bonus
  • Variable excess function
  • Roadside Assistance Available
  • 24 hour help lines
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost
  • Excess fees
  • Rental car fees

With Budget Direct’s variable excess function you can vary the amount of excess you pay in the event of a car insurance claim to reduce your insurance premium. At the end of their online quote use the Policy Excess drop down box to vary your excess level to reduce or raise your premium.

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