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If you need to make a claim to your car insurance company because you have been involved in an accident, it is important that you get all the right information so that your claim is processed quicker and has less chance of being rejected.

Once the accident occurs, there are some steps that should follow to ensure that you gather all of the correct details so your claim has more chance of it being approved and it won’t delay the process.

  • Check that no one involved is seriously harmed. If someone is harmed, call an ambulance.
  • You may need an incident report number when you make the claim with your insurance company. You will need to call the police. If required, they may come out directly to assist in the procedure, they may also help guide traffic around the collision. Don’t forget to ask the police for their name and contact details so you can contact them if you require additional information.
  • Swap details such as license, registration and contact with all other drivers concerned. It may also be a good idea to make a note of the make and model of all cars and any other details, such as the time of the accident and where it occurred.
  • Find out if the person at fault has car insurance, if so get the details of their insurance provider.
  • Draw diagrams showing the direction that involved vehicles were travelling and include other relevant information such as where the accident occurred, the position of street lights, signs and where witnesses were situated.
  • If there are witnesses present ask them for their contact details in case they are required to give evidence later on. Or if required, ask them to stay until the police arrive so that they can give a statement.
  • It may also be an idea to take photos of the scene, cars involved and any injuries, if you can.

Once you have all the required information, contact your car insurance provider and make a claim. Inform them of what happened, including details of all drivers involved. If the other driver was at fault, they will need to make the claim with their insurance company.


The insurer then processes the claim and will notify you of the next steps. If they require more information, they may ask you to send over the photos and diagrams, so it is better to be prepared.


Regardless of who is at fault, you can’t make a claim without the right level of car insurance. If you don’t have comprehensive car insurance, compare car insurance quotes online to find one that suits you.

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