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To save more, buy online

To save more, buy online

Car Insurance is one of those items that has become a “need to have” instead of “nice to have” because the idea of not having comprehensive cover is just too risky. Because of this “need” rather then “want” attitude toward the product, for many consumers the most important feature a car insurance policy can have is a low premium. This is especially true for people with good driving histories because they have never been involved in making a claim and certainly aim to keep it that way.

We all know that you can save (or splurge) a lot of money on your premium depending on which branch you go with, but did you know that you can make significant savings with the one insurer based solely on how you choose to buy your policy?

By not only getting your car insurance quote but then also purchasing the policy online, rather than ringing the company’s call centre or walking into one of their branches, you save the insurer money. Because of the saving for them, some insurers will offer you a discount on your premium if you choose to buy online, and in some cases the savings can be more than loose change.

Insurers on the online discount bandwagon

The insurers who currently offer discounts to customers who purchase their car insurance online are:

BrandOnline Discount
AAMI$50 discount on offline premium
Allianz10% discount on offline premium
Commonwealth Bank5% discount on offline premium
National Australia BankUp to 5% discount on offline premium

It can definitely pay to type instead of talk. The average Australian family who drive a standard car with at least one young driver on the policy is paying over $900 a year in car insurance. Insuring with one of these companies could see almost $100 back in your pocket, money that could certainly be used elsewhere.

Although this is definitely good news, consumers should not take it for granted that the discounts being offered will give them the best deal. Other insurers who do not offer discounts for buying online may actually be able to offer you a premium that is still cheaper than the discounted price you can get online.

Using the internet to shop around for car insurance is definitely the best way to see what each insurer can offer you and if one of the above companies offers the best deal for you, it will get even nicer if you keep clicking all the way to the checkout.

Soon you will be able to compare 23 brands of comprehensive car insurance policies at RateCity. You will be able to compare quotes for eight consumer profiles based on a massive online shadow shopping survey done by CANSTAR CANNEX. RateCity will also include dozens of crucial features for consumers to compare against Australia’s top brands. CANSTAR CANNEX star ratings will help consumers to find the very best value-for-money policies on offer depending on which consumer profile best suit consumer needs in six capital cities.

Best of all – RateCity will include a live quotation engine making it easy for consumers to save money by spending less than ten minutes comparing and buying online.

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