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ANZ credit cards

ANZ is one of Australia’s biggest banks. Its history dates back to 1835, when it was originally known as the Bank of Australasia. In 1951, the Bank of Australasia merged with the Union Bank of Australia to form ANZ Bank.

ANZ not only operates throughout Australia, but is also present in New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East.

As one would expect from a big four bank, ANZ offers a wide range of credit cards.

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Why choose ANZ


  • Wide range of credit cards
  • 0% balance transfers
  • Some cards allow up to nine free additional cardholders


  • Annual fees may be high
  • Interest rates may be moderately high
  • Rewards cards may have points caps

ANZ Credit Cards

About ANZ credit cards

Like the other big four banks, ANZ offers consumers a range of credit card options:

  • Low-fee credit cards
  • Low-rate credit card
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Frequent flyer credit cards
  • Visa credit cards

Different credit cards come with different rates and fees. For example, some credit cards have low annual fees, while others have high annual fees. When it comes to interest rates, purchase interest rates range from moderately low to moderately high, while cash advance rates tend to be high. Interest-free periods also vary, ranging in length from moderately low to moderate.

Some ANZ credit cards offer balance transfer deals. Conditions vary, but ANZ does offer 0 per cent balance transfers.

ANZ frequent flyer cards allow consumers to earn Qantas points for everyday purchases. Different credit cards having different earn rates, while some have caps on the amount of points you can earn.

ANZ credit cards review

When it comes to credit cards, ANZ is a big bank that acts like a big bank. It doesn’t offer the lowest rates or fees in the market, but it does offer a lot of choice.

ANZ has a credit card for almost every type of consumer out there, from low-fee, low-rate credit cards to rewards credit cards and frequent flyer credit cards.

ANZ’s low-rate credit cards charge moderately low interest rates, while its low-free credit cards charge annual fees that range from low to moderate. (Other ANZ cards charge higher interest rates and annual fees.)

The low rate credit cards may be a competitive choice for cardholders who find it difficult to stay on top of bills, or find themselves getting stung with interest on existing credit cards each month. Low purchase rates can help keep costs down. 

ANZ’s rewards and frequent flyer credit cards give consumers the chance to earn points that can be exchanged for flights, cashback, gift cards, white goods, electronics, toys, movie tickets and much more. Due to it's extensive rewards program, ANZ rewards credit cards may also be a competitive choice for points-chasers out there. 

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