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180 Day Term Deposits

180 Day Term Deposits

RateCity.com.au helps you to find some of the best rates for 180 day term deposits and 6 month term deposits.

A term deposit is a type of savings account whereby the interest rate of your deposit is fixed at an agreed term. Common investment terms at the short end of the scale start at 30 days, and incline to 90, 120 and 180 day terms. These shorter investment terms are ideal to gain some discipline on your savings habits. You can also lock in your investment for 1 year and much longer, 3 years and 5 years are also common offerings from Australian term deposit providers.

The funds that you invest are essentially locked away and an early withdrawal made before the end of the term will usually incur a penalty fee or early withdrawal charge. Larger amounts invested can incur greater penalty fee. So before you decide to take up a term deposit make sure you have considered if you will need to access these funds before the term ends. 

When doing research for term deposit accounts, make sure you shop around for an account that suits your needs. There is a wealth of competition in the market nowadays with a number of smaller institutions, credit unions building societies and non-banks competing hard with the major four banks. Look for Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions, or ADIs. These institutions are regulated by APRA and are subject to Prudential Standards. In laymans terms, this means they have to follow the rules set by Australia's main regulator in charge with safer management of risk. No institution is 100% safe, but knowing that the company that you give your hard earned cash to is going to have to answer to APRA is a positive sign. APRA has over 100 ADIs on their list, so there is plenty of companies out there in the market.

But with greater competition often comes greater confusion!

The good news is that RateCity has done a lot of the hard work for savers looking for a term deposit rate such as a 180 day term deposit. You no longer have to spend hours researching the market by visiting multiple institutions websites or calling around to various branches to gain several quotes. RateCity has done this legwork to allow you to compare term deposit rates from multiple ADIs side-by-side on the one website. We even have a handy term deposit calculator to help you achieve your savings goal faster.

Simply enter your deposit amount, the rate of the product you're interest in and the term – such as a 180 day term deposit, then find a term deposit to suit your circumstance. The RateCity calculators even take into consideration your taxable income bracket!

Need more help? Check out our term deposits guide, which provides tips on how to choose a suitable term deposit account, tips about understanding fees, product features and a checklist to help get you on your way to reaching your savings goal!

Compare highest interest rates for 180 day term deposits.

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