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90 Day Term Deposits

90 Day Term Deposits

Search for some of the best rates for 90 day term deposits and 3 month term deposits at RateCity.com.au

A term deposit is similar to a regular savings account, with the major difference being that your deposit is invested for a 'fixed' period (known as the 'term' and at a fixed interest rate. Most term deposits that you can open online require a minimum deposit of $1000; however there are now several new term deposit products which require a lower minimum opening deposit.

It is important to understand how your bank calculates your interest payments. Knowing the frequency of when your interest is paid can make a significant difference to the growth of your savings. The more frequently interest is paid, the more interest you will earn. For example, if you were to invest $1000 in a 90 day term deposit with interest calculated daily and paid monthly, you would be earning slightly more interest than if interest was calculated monthly and paid monthly. The savings difference of this example can be seen more clearly with greater investment amounts and longer terms such as 180 day term deposits and 1 year term deposits.

Term deposits can be a great way to earn a set rate for an exteneded period, and also keep a lump sum of money "out of sight, out of mind". For some people, this can be an attractive feature in itself, say for someone who finds themselves with an unexpected windfall, but is not quite sure how to spend it. There's a lot of broke Lotto winners out there who might be wishing they put their winnings in a term deposit and did some thinking before they blew it all!

We've selected a range of the top term deposit rates for 90 day terms and 3 month term deposits with a minimum opending deposit of $50000 in our 90 Day Term Deposits search.

For more term deposit options and term periods visit our term deposits page.

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