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Blackboard Term Deposit Specials

Blackboard Term Deposit Specials

If you have some money saved up and are looking for a secure investment option, it could be worth your while to look out for blackboard term deposit specials.

The term 'blackboard special' is derived from the custom of banks displaying their best rates for term deposits on small pop-up blackboards outside their branches as a way to attract new customers.

Every now and then banks offer a special rate for savers that stands out and often very hard to search for or even to compare. These blackboard specials are not usually the regular period like 90 Days or 180 Days – it may well be for 4 months or 11 months which makes it hard identify.

These specials can pay up to 7.00% for investment periods with bonus interest rates offered if you rollover at maturity. If you do choose to reinvest the principal or principal and interest at maturity, make sure you are aware of your new interest rate as this may have changed during your investment period.

The following table is designed to make this comparison a little easier and lists the latest term deposit specials offered by banks and ranked by the highest nominal interest rate.

Search for term deposits by highest rates. The table below displays all the periods for term deposits specials offered by banks.

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