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Get Term Deposit Rates

Get Term Deposit Rates

Term deposit rates vary depending on the wholesale money market. This is where financial institutions go to get term deposit rates, effectively.

The wholesale money market is where financial institutions borrow and lend to each other and they use it to adjust their cash positions.

Consumers can track movements in the wholesale money market to get an indication of future movements in term deposit rates.

However, an easier way to get the best term deposit rates is through financial comparison sites such as RateCity.

By comparing rates online you’ll also be able to see the conditions attached to each term deposit and learn more about fixing your money. So you’ll be able to see which term best suits your financial situation.

Simple as a few clicks
If you are interested to get term deposit rates online at RateCity, it is a quick and simple process.

Go to the compare term deposit page and fill in the required fields, including the investment amount and the length of term and find products to suit your needs.

You’ll then be given an instant assessment of the providers, which may be sorted by highest to lowest interest rates, for instance.

From here you’ll be able to get term deposit rates, compare products by features – including payment frequency, auto roll over at the maturity of the term facility and fee details among other information.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the range of products and their features and determined which option best suits your financial situation, you’ll be able to apply for your term deposit online.

The table below displays some of today’s highest interest rates for 90 day term deposits.

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