Updated on 20 January, 2021

2021 RateCity Term Deposit Gold Awards Winners

Finding Australia's best Term Deposits has just been made easier. Select a category below and discover the loans that have received a coveted RateCity Gold Award.

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How RateCity works out the Gold Award

Over 140 term deposit products were analysed and compared from a variety of lenders and providers, and only the top ten percent were deemed winners.

RateCity’s Real Time Ratings™ gives every term deposit in our database a score out of five, based on factors such as the interest earn rate, fees, features, and flexibility. Importantly, these ratings are run every day to capture product changes, including rate changes and specials, factors that are often missed by ratings and awards systems calculated at one or two points in time.

The RateCity Gold Award winners are then determined by averaging the daily Real Time Ratings™ scores over a three-month period to identify the most consistent top performers in each category. For term deposits, we look predominantly at the interest you could earn, though flexible features also play an important role. We recognise that there is no 'one size fits all’ term deposit, which is why we have divided up the awards into three different categories to help Australians in their decision-making process.

There some genuinely great term deposits and Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) in the market, but we can't give every player a prize. ADIs need to do serious work to help customers and provide the best term deposits in Australia. RateCity's Gold Awards highlight the best term deposits and ADIs doing just that, to help making your decision that much easier.

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How are Real Time Ratings™ calculated

How RateCity Leaderboard works

We’ve built these leaderboards to help you quickly see what are the top banking products in each of the key categories.