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Low doc home loans are a loan option provided for borrowers who have limited documentation to support their home loan application. If you are self-employed or own a small business and would have trouble providing proof of income, or regular paperwork, you can use the RateCity home loan comparison tool to narrow down your search by comparing a range of Australian low doc home loans here.

Financial institutions require paperwork ranging from pay slips and tax returns to prove you have the income to support your home loan repayments. As everyone’s situation is different, not everyone can provide this type of proof of income so a low doc home loan is an alternative option offered by various Australian lenders.

These types of loans are generally catered for the self-employed but could be considered by those borrowers with a bad credit rating or those who are not full-time workers.

As low doc borrowers are unable to offer the same sort of security to a lender as a standard borrower can offer, the loans tend to require a higher deposit and usually have higher than average interest rates. This is because they are considered a higher risk to the lender. In some cases you may also have to secure your loan with viable assets such as cars or previous homes and investment properties you have purchased.

A low doc home loan may be the answer to your borrowing woes but before you commit, try them on for size by comparing some of Australia’s most competitive low doc home loans below.

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