Popular car loans

When you’re looking for finance to buy a new or used car, there are a few popular features to consider. Secured car loans use your vehicle or some other asset to guarantee your loan and help lower your interest rate, though unsecured car loans are also available. Many popular car loans have fixed interest rates for simpler budgeting, but some have variable interest rates for greater flexibility.

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Online Car Loan Approval

Perhaps you’re looking for a car loan that just offers the basics. Some lenders are online-only operations, minimising their ongoing costs by not opening branches or shopfronts, and passing the savings on to customers through low interest rates. Compare the options available on RateCity, and get approved for your car finance without getting up from your computer.

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Car loans by purpose

Not every car loan is just for cars. Some lenders offer products similar to car loans, but with small but important structural changes specifically for financing motorcycles, caravans, or even boats! If you were born to be wild, want to hit the road in a home away from home, or plan on hanging up that “gone fishing” sign, there are lenders that can help.

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Non-conforming car loans

Everybody’s finances are different, and some of us need a bit more support than others when we apply for a car loan. If you’ve had problems with bad credit; if you’re on an irregular income; or if you’re looking for a work vehicle, there are lenders offering car loans with your specific circumstances in mind. And if your financial circumstances change and your current car loan is no longer suitable, there are also car loan options available specifically for refinancing, allowing you to keep enjoying your vehicle without too much financial stress. 

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Car loans by region/city

The more you travel around Australia, the more you start to notice the subtle, yet important cultural differences between the country’s various regions and cities. To experience this for yourself, or just to get from A to B in your local area, RateCity compares car loans from lenders across Australia. Ranging from nationwide organisations to respected local lenders, you’ll have plenty of options to secure car financing that’s suitable for your unique circumstances, and those of your region.

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Car loans by state

Australia’s population is spread across six states and two territories, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in between them. Whether you’re planning an interstate road trip, or just want to be able to pop down to the shops at your convenience, you’ll need to finance your car purchase with a car loan that suits your needs. Compare car loans at RateCity and choose from large financial institutions operating nationwide, and local lenders in your state or territory.

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Fixed rate car loans

One of the biggest benefits from a fixed rate car loan is knowing exactly what your repayments are going to be over the full length of the car loan’s term, whether that’s as long as seven years or as short as six months. Longer car loans tend to have more affordable repayments, though you’ll ultimately pay more in total interest. Shorter car loan terms tend to have higher repayments, but you’ll pay less in interest, and you’ll be the full owner of your car much sooner.

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Car loans by value

How much do you need to borrow to afford your new car? For a brand new vehicle, you may want a car loan of up to $50,000, but if you just need to make up the cost of a used car, even borrowing just $500 could help. Compare the available car loan options at RateCity and make sure you choose a lender that matches what you need.

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