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All the ways to earn Velocity Points

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All the ways to earn Velocity Points

If you travel often, you may be aware of the benefits of amassing points or miles through loyalty programs. You can redeem these points for flights, hotel stays, and other rewards. 

One of the most popular frequent flyer programs in Australia is Velocity - Virgin Australia's loyalty club. 

There are numerous ways Velocity frequent flyer members can earn Velocity Points. However, in order to amass points, you’ll need to sign up for a free membership at the Velocity digital hub by providing some personal details.

Let’s explore how you can maximise your earning potential when accruing Velocity Points. 

Travel with Virgin Australia and partner airlines

Flying with Virgin Australia is the most straightforward and effective way to earn Velocity points. The program rewards members with points based on the fare class and distance flown. Members can earn points on domestic, international, and partner airline flights.

Domestic and short-haul international flights

You’ll earn a minimum 5 Velocity Points per $1 spent. Silver, Gold, and Platinum members earn 50%, 75%, and 100% more points per dollar respectively, excluding Domestic Getaway fares.

International flights

You’ll earn between 0.5 to 2 points per mile flown, depending on the cabin class and airline you select.

Velocity also offers bonus points for booking through their website, providing an additional incentive to book directly. To learn more about earning points while flying, review Velocity’s airline partners.

Use Velocity co-branded credit cards

Using a Velocity co-branded credit card is an effective way to earn points on everyday purchases..These cards often provide bonus points for signing up for the card, meeting specific spending thresholds and making purchases with the airline’s retail partners.

You can earn up to 1.25 Velocity Points per $1 spent. Check with the credit card provider for specific details.

As of May 2023, there are three credit issuers who offer Velocity-branded rewards credit cards: Virgin Money, Westpac and American Express (AMEX).

It might be advantageous to seek out credit cards offering deals and bonus points for switching providers. Learn more about balance transfers to determine if this option works for you.

You should keep in mind that rewards credit cards often attract high feese. Before applying for any credit card, it’s important to consider more than just the points-earning potential. You can use RateCity's tables to compare the interest rate, any upfront and ongoing fees, card features and more to ensure that the rewards outweigh the costs.

Book and shop with Velocity Partners

Whether you’re booking a cruise, looking for airport parking, exploring holiday park stays, sending parcels, buying booze, recycling bottles or taking out private health cover there are hundreds of retail partners you can shop with to earn points. Velocity has a full list of eligible companies on their website.

Don't forget to enter or provide your membership number at the checkout to claim your points.

Additionally, Velocity often runs promotions offering bonus points for bookings made with their retail partners.

Shop through the Velocity e-Store

The Velocity e-Store is an online shopping portal that allows members to earn points on purchases from hundreds of retailers. Members can earn up to 10 points per dollar spent, providing an easy opportunity to accumulate points.

Earn Velocity Points when shopping via the e-Store click-through portals to partner retailers. You can also take advantage of bonus point promotions. It's worth noting that it may take several months to receive your points, as retailers typically wait for the returns period to end before awarding bonus points.

There’s a range of categories from fashion, beauty and gifts to travel, toys and tech. Partner brands include Foxtel, Hello Fresh, Country Road, T2, Sony, Dyson, The Good Guys, Nike, Chemist Warehouse, Lego, Bonds, Myer, Etsy, Lacoste, Menulog, Petbarn, Groupon, Samsung, H&M and more.

This is one of the simplest but potentially underutilised ways to earn points on everyday and one-off purchases. Check the e-Store before making any purchases to ensure you’re getting as many Velocity Points as possible.

Book hotels and car rentals with Velocity partners

Velocity has partnerships with several hotel and accommodation providers. Search a range of available properties via Virgin Australia’s online booking platform Rocket Travel to earn a minimum 3 Velocity Points per $1 spent.

Earn Velocity Points when you hire a car via Rocket Travel. Choose from Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, Thrifty or Dollar.

You can also book directly with Velocity hotel partners to earn up to 3 Velocity Points per $1 spent. Simply add your Velocity membership number at the time of booking or upon hotel check-in.

Buy Velocity Points

If you require additional points to attain your desired redemption, you have the option to purchase points and add them to your points balance. Velocity frequent flyer members can buy points as frequently as they need, with a maximum limit of 250,000 points per calendar year. For further information, see Velocity’s dedicated website.

Family Pooling and Points Transfers

Velocity's Family Pooling is an exclusive feature that enables members to combine their Velocity Points and Status Credits with up to six family members who reside at the same address.

Members can pool Velocity Points with a maximum of two adults and four children under the age of 18, which will transfer automatically to the designated beneficiary. This feature is subject to terms and conditions.

You can also Transfer Points from your Velocity account to the account of an eligible family member up to four times per membership year. You can transfer between 5,000 and 125,000 points each time.

Transfer points from credit card and rewards programs

Many credit card and loyalty rewards programs allow members to transfer points to Velocity at a 1:1 ratio, although this is not guaranteed. Transferring points to your Velocity can be an effective way to top up your account balance or take advantage of redemption opportunities.

To transfer your existing credit card reward points into Velocity Points, check Velocity’s credit and charge card partners to see a list of eligible cards and applicable transfer rates.

Some rewards programs that allow you to redeem for Velocity Points include flybuys, 7Eleven and Ola.

Be aware that in some circumstances you can double dip on your points earning potential by combining earning methods. For example, you might decide to buy a product via the Velocity e-Store to earn bonus points. If you have a Velocity-branded credit card and use this to buy the items, you’ll earn the bonus points plus those associated with your credit card spending. 

Keep in mind that Velocity Points are subject to expiration, so it’s crucial to use them before they lapse.

Points, earning potential, conversion rates and other figures are accurate as of 9 May 2023 and are subject to change.

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