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How do I get Travel Credit on my Amex card?

How do I get Travel Credit on my Amex card?

While most American Express cards offer some kind of travel rewards, there are only a few cards that will give you Travel Credit. This credit could be used to book your flights, pay for a hotel stay, or even rent a car.

At the time of writing, you can earn Travel Credits with the American Express Platinum Credit Card, the American Express Explorer Credit Card, and the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card.

The American Express Platinum Credit Card charges a high annual fee but offers plenty of benefits in return. The other two cards charge comparatively lower annual fees. The American Express website provides the latest information on the fees and benefits to help you compare your options and select a card that suits your pocket and travelling preferences.

Where can I use my American Express Travel Credit?

Your American Express Travel Credit is issued annually on the anniversary date that your account was opened. You can use your credit for making travel bookings through American Express Travel. Depending on your card, you may be able to redeem your Travel Credit to book all or some of the following:

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel stays
  • Car rentals
  • Experiences, such as tours

While it’s possible to book cruises through American Express Travel using your AMEX card, you cannot currently redeem your Travel Credit for cruise bookings. There are several other conditions that apply to bookings made using your Travel Credit. For instance, you can only make one booking using your Travel Credit; it’s generally not possible to spread out your credit over multiple bookings. If you hold more than one Amex card, you cannot pool your Travel Credit from different cards to pay for a booking.

How can I use my American Express Travel Credit to make bookings?

If you receive Travel Credit on your American Express card, make sure to use it within 12 months from the issue date. After this time, the credit will automatically expire and can’t be redeemed. You’re also required to pay the annual fee and make the minimum payment on your card by the due date to access your Travel Credit.

It’s advisable to finalise your itinerary before redeeming your Travel Credit, as there’s no refund on the Travel Credit if you cancel a booking. However, you may receive a refund of the points or cash paid by you if the original booking was refundable.

To redeem your Travel Credit, log in to the American Express Travel Online website and select the card you’re going to use. You can view your unused Travel Credit on the top right side of the page.

Once you’re ready to book, click to checkout and redeem your Travel Credit by selecting the ‘Travel Credit’ radio button.

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