Brokers near you can provide expert advice to help you choose a loan, and also help take care of the mortgage application process, for a less stressful experience. Whether you're in Ipswich, Chermside, Stockleigh, Springwood, or you just like to tell people you live in Brisbane, find a QLD broker near you to help make the move to a new home loan.

How can a Brisbane broker help you buy a property?

With demand for properties in Brisbane increasing, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have your finances ready to roll when the auction hammer falls. You don’t want to be caught up in real estate red tape while the competition snaps up your dream home or investment property!

Mortgage brokers know Australia's home loan industry, so they can support you every step of the way. They can analyse your personal finances and recommend one of the best loans your needs. They can calculate what repayments you may be able to comfortably afford. They can also take care of managing your loan application for you, which can be a big help in avoiding the little errors and issues that can hold up your pre-approval. 

Additionally, they can take you through some of the more complex home loan products, such as construction loans for building a brand new home on a plot of land, or low doc home loans for self-employed borrowers, or other options to suit your financial goals. 

Why is it important to choose a local broker?

An experienced broker that operates in your area should be able to use their local knowledge to benefit you. Even if you live in Sydney and are investing in Queensland property, a Brisbane-based mortgage broker can be your guide to the local mortgage market. They can put you in touch with local banks and lenders, and even negotiate on your behalf to help you get a better deal. A broker may also have access to exclusive home loan deals and interest rates that aren’t typically advertised.

Keep in mind that a mortgage broker isn't just for first home buyers or first time property investors. A broker can also help Brisbane home owners with refinancing, helping you find a home loan that better suits your financial situation when the time comes to refinance. 

How can I find the best mortgage broker?

While there is no universally-acknowledged "best mortgage broker", the best broker for you will be the one that can help you get the best deal to suit your financial needs. 

Many brokers operate as franchisees of larger mortgage broking organisations, while others operate their own brokerages. You can also check a mortgage broker's star rating and testimonials from other satisfied or not so satisfied customers to get an idea of their past performance. You can also check if they belong to industry associations such as the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), and how long they've held an Australian Credit Licence. 

A mortgage broker’s services are typically free, as rather than charging fees to borrowers, brokers are paid commissions by the banks that provide the loans. If you’re concerned that this could lead to conflicts of interest, remember that mortgage brokers are obliged to operate in the best interest of the borrower. If you’re uncertain about a mortgage broker’s recommendation, you can ask whether there are other home loan options that pay the broker a lower commission and could also work for you.

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