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Compare bank accounts

Compare bank accounts

For most of us, it takes a big event or major overhaul for us to change banks. Australians are loyal customers but mostly, they are perturbed by the effort required to research and move over all their finances. Although many people are happy to stay loyal to the one bank, there are benefits to switching if you find one better suited to you, such as:

  • Higher interest rates and lower fees on the same account. Most banks offer the standard cash management, online, and everyday transaction accounts because they appeal to broad parts of the public.
  • Even comparing different accounts in the bank that you’re with now can give you benefits such as extra facilities (Cheque, internet banking) by simply changing the type of account.
  • Some banks also offer special accounts to students, pensioners, as well as charity accounts linked to your favourite organisation.

There’s more to savings accounts than just rates. Compare the features that matter to you.

To get you started, refer to the table to the right where we have listed some bank accounts with some of the highest interest rates in Australia.

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