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What to do with THAT Christmas present

What to do with THAT Christmas present

Post-Christmas, more than a few of us will have been left with an unwanted gift from a well-meaning relative or friend that we just don’t need. Rather than letting it sit at the back of your cupboard for the rest of eternity here are some handy ways of moving it on that may even earn you some cash to put back into your depleted savings account.


A time-honoured tradition that is often done with the greatest secrecy, re-gifting can be a painless process when done well. Crucial to the success of re-gifting is passing the item along to a person who has no contact with the original gift giver whatsoever. Make sure the person the gift is going to will enjoy whatever it is you’re passing on to avoid the creation of a re-gifting cycle. Finally, ensure you have a good story prepared for when grandma wants to know why the crochet doilies she gave you aren’t on display.

Selling online

If the risk of re-gifting to someone in your circle is just too high and you think you can make some money out of the unwanted gift then listing the item online is not a bad way of getting it off your hands. Websites like Gumtree and eBay allow you to list an item for free meaning that all the proceeds from the sale can go directly into your savings account which is sometimes the sweetest gift of all.

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If you’re feeling a little more generous this holiday season then you could consider passing the unwanted gift along to a charity of your choice. Your local op-shop may be grateful for the donation of your item and it would certainly be put to better use in the hands of someone who needs it as opposed to the darkest depths of your garage.

Swap meets

One of the less conventional ways of passing on an undesirable gift is participating in the fast growing swap meet trend. These events are designed as a way to exchange good quality but unwanted items in a market style setting with no money required. Clothing swap meets are now frequently available in Sydney and Melbourne through organisations such as The Clothing Exchange and can be a fun way of offloading a present that doesn’t fit well or suit your style.

Ask for the receipt

By far the riskiest and least popular option but if you know the gift giver well and don’t think they would take offence it’s worth a try. Chances are they would prefer you to have something that you need and want rather than having wasted money on a gift that will never be touched. Give it a go this year and you may end up exchanging or refunding the gift for something you’ve always wanted.  Some stores, such as Bunnings will actually exchange items without the receipt so it’s worth checking first before asking for the paper trail.

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