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Job availabilities increase in August

Job availabilities increase in August

New job ads increased 13.2 per cent in August 2017 compared to 12 months ago, according to SEEK data.

This increase means that conditions are the best they’ve been for jobseekers on SEEK since 2010.

The industries with the most job opportunities across Australia in August were Information & Communication Technology, Trades & Services and Healthcare & Medical.

Managing Director for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, Michael Ilczynski, added that currently it is a “great time to be a jobseeker in Australia.”

“These positive trends in advertising on SEEK point to an improving labour market and suggests that positive economic momentum, evident in the June quarter National Accounts GDP Report, is continuing into the second half of the year,” said Ilczynski.


SEEK data also showed positive job ad growth across all states and territories in Australia.

““While off a lower base, Tasmania and the Northern Territory notched up the strongest growth in job ads on SEEK in August, up 33.8 per cent year to year and 23.7 per cent year to year respectively,” said Mr Ilczynski.

“The Queensland labour market has been recovering strongly since April, with advertising on SEEK up 20.3 per cent year to year this August. Trades & Services remains the top advertising industry across the state, up 44 per cent year to year.

“In WA, conditions were weaker but still positive, with job ads on SEEK up 14.8 per cent year to year. Fuelling this growth was strong advertising across Mining, Resources & Energy (up 52 per cent), Trades & Services (up 26 per cent) and Healthcare & Medical (up 6 per cent).

“Advertising trends continue to be very positive in NSW (up 7.4 per cent), Victoria (up 15.5 per cent), South Australia (up 19.5 per cent), and the ACT (up 3.6 per cent).

“In these regions, the number of job ads on SEEK have all recovered to their pre-GFC levels,” said Ilczynski.

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