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Insurance Car

Insurance Car

Car insurance is one form of insurance that most motorists understand the value of, and take out. Given the ease and frequency with which accidents can happen, where just a minor bingle can cost thousands in repairs, insurance for your car makes lots of sense.

Bundling may be cheaper

But like most financial products, prices and offerings vary, so it pays to shop around for the best car insurance rates and policy inclusions. There are many insurers, and some will offer discounts if you take out a number of policies, such as insurance for car, home and life with the same company. All you have to do is ask the simple question of an insurer, “Can I get a better deal by doing all my insurance business, such as insurance for car and home, with you?”

Switching is easy

Remember too, it’s a competitive market – there are a number of car insurance brands now available in the market, so comparing car insurance quotes before renewing with your existing provider may save you money. Switching from one insurer to another can be simple. Your no claim bonus is generally 'portable' from one insurer to another, for instance.

Play it straight

Importantly, when dealing with insurance companies, including insurance for car as well as for home and contents, make sure you list everything that needs covering, and to what value.

You might also be tempted to stretch the truth about your driving record and situation in the hope of reducing the car insurance quotes you receive, but doing so can be a costly mistake. That's because your driving record is easy for insurers to subsequently check, and if inaccuracies arise when you take out a car insurance policy – or at the time of making a claim – you might find your insurer reducing the payout, or refusing to pay, in the event of a claim.

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