Madhu Chaudhuri
20 Reviews
Madhu Chaudhuri’s journey from a practicing Architect to a Broker has shaped her 27-year career in Australia culminating in the formation of her company Finance & Mortgage Solutions in 2001. Her vision to assist people to grow themselves financially, to be able to contribute and flourish in the community is the foundation of her practice, resulting in Industry recognition at the State and National level as a top mortgage broker. At FMS, Madhu leads a multi-lingual team to design and engineer finance solutions whether to build a home and material stability or supporting emerging entrepreneurs to open and run small businesses in their local communities. Coming to Australia as an immigrant herself more than 20 years ago, Madhu has lived experience and understanding of some of the struggles of relocating financially and emotionally- especially for migrants. Recognising the need for multi-lingual and multi-cultural access points, FMS has filled this need for migrant journey’s to be heard and supported. She donates her time for various women’s groups such as Saheli Club and Indian Mums Sydney and receives genuine fulfillment when counselling and advising on financial matters to help women achieve financial independence. She has now also been invited to Lean In Org to be the financial mentor in a workshop series for migrant women. Madhu’s drive lies in genuine connection with the community, recognising that it is built by diverse perspectives and experiences and there is a lot to learn from the young and old collectively. Madhu has sponsored an annual ‘Good Word Award’ at the local public school to support public speaking and communication programs for children for the past 7 years, as well as regular events and outing for the aged South Asian community. Finance & Mortgage Solutions strength lies in guiding, mentoring and coaching clients as well as brokers, which has resulted in growth in cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra. Their services break down a pathway for migrants to financial autonomy into achievable milestones to build a strong, foreseeable financial future in their new country.
ACL: 384375
Daan Jansen
12 Reviews
- Cert. IV Finance & Mortgage Broking - Investment Advisor (RG146) - Award-winning mortgage broker - Victorian Agents Representative - 20 Years in Financial Services industry - Conducted $40 million worth of Private Equity investments with clients - Conducted over $50 million worth of Property Transactions with clients During his twenty years of work in financial industries around the world, Daan has accumulated a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience, helping thousands of clients and investors along the way. Daan’s career working in market-leading institutions began in his home country of the Netherlands, where he worked at ING bank. After moving to Australia, Daan was nominated in back-to-back years as Best Newcomer in Victoria at the Better Business Awards, an annual awards ceremony hosted by The Adviser. Daan took home the award on his second nomination, setting him up for a great career in the Australian Financial industry. From 2018 till 2020, Daan has raised over AU$40,000,000 in private equity, playing an integral part in building a community of successful investors for his employer. After nineteen years of being employed in the Financial Industry, Daan’s knowledge, experience and innovatively fresh views are best expressed through a new venture, so it was time for Daan to spread his wings and launch his own business: The Finance Alliance. Launched in 2020 The Finance Alliance provides a one stop solution for everything finance related: - Home purchases and refinance - Investment purchases and refinance - SMSF new loans and refinance - Business finance - Commercial purchases and refinance - Asset finance - Car finance
CRN: 425175

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Whether you’re a first home buyer looking at a property in a southern suburb like Medina or Calista, or you want to refinance the investment loan on your investment property in Kingsley or Leederville, a Perth mortgage specialist can help you save time and hassle every step of the way, while also helping you find a better home loan deal.

A mortgage broker is a home loan expert, who can look at your personal finances, calculate the repayments you can afford, and recommend loan products that can help you achieve your goals, whether you're buying or refinancing. They can provide expert advice, and may even be able to provide access to special home loan offers that are exclusive to brokers, and aren’t typically advertised.

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Finally, a finance broker can manage your mortgage application for you, looking after the whole process. With a broker keeping track of your home loan paperwork, you can look forward to fewer hassles and hopefully faster processing time for your mortgage application.

How do I find the best Perth broker?

There’s no simple way to find the best mortgage broker in Perth. After all, every borrower has a different financial situation and personal goals, and may benefit from a different kind of service from a broker. It’s important to compare brokers in Perth to get an idea of which one may be the best option for you.

Mortgage brokers may operate as part of a franchise, or run an independent brokerage. Comparing reviews and star ratings can give you an idea of what previous clients thought of a particular broker’s services. You can also check their qualifications, such as how long they’ve held their Australian Credit Licence (ACL) and whether they’re a member of a mortgage broking industry body such as the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

How much do mortgage brokers cost?

You typically don’t need to pay a cent for a mortgage broker’s services. That’s because instead of charging fees to clients, mortgage brokers are paid commissions by banks and lenders when they connect them with a new home loan customer.

Mortgage brokers are obliged to act in the best interest of their clients, and provide them with home loans that match their financial needs and personal goals, and not with mortgage offers that pay the broker the highest commissions.

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