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Boomers more accident prone than Gen Y

Boomers more accident prone than Gen Y

If you believe the pundits, young drivers – aged between 18 and 24 years – are the least likely cohort to claim on their motor vehicle insurance.

A survey has revealed that the “at-risk” generation Y group filed fewer than 10 percent of all claims in the past three years. By comparison, baby boomers accounted for almost 40 percent of all claims made in the same period.

The survey results also put to bed the age-old battle of the sexes, determining which group is better behind the wheel – or at least, the group least likely to make a claim against their car insurance policy.

According to the survey, 51 percent of insurance claims are being made by females and 49 percent are being made by males.

The survey asked 4071 motorists whether they had made a car insurance claim in the last three years, and those who answered ‘yes’ (1131) were asked about their overall claims experience, specifically around the ease of making a claim, speed of response and quality and timeliness of repairs made.

Of those surveyed, 76 percent of drivers reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall claims experience. Fewer than 10 percent of respondents were prompted to switch insurers as a result of their experience.

So which motorists were the happiest claimants? Those insured with QBE, according to the survey, in part due to generous claim limits in areas such as baby capsules, trailers, emergency repairs, emergency accommodation, accident clean up and towing charges.

When it comes to comparing comprehensive car insurance policies, it’s important to consider more than simply the upfront costs. Use a comparison site like RateCity, which allows drivers to compare details including basic excess and other policy features – such as whether the insurer allows the claimant their own choice of repairer, or if the policy offers roadside assistance as an option – as well as price.  

In the best scenario you’ll never have to make a claim against your policy. But should you have an accident, or need to make a claim for whatever reason, it’s vital that you have all the features you need in a policy and be covered to suit your car and circumstances.

So look beyond simply the price when taking out insurance, and always read the product disclosure statement before buying any insurance product.

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