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The NBN connection box explained

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The NBN connection box explained

The NBN is now the go-to network for high-speed internet access in Australia. The NBN connection box is a key piece of equipment you’ll need to get connected — but just what is it and how does it work?

Read on for all the details on the NBN box, including what it does, how to get one and what to do if it stops working.

What is an NBN connection box?

The NBN connection box is also known as a Network Termination Device (NTD). It’s a piece of equipment that connects your home to the NBN network. Depending on your NBN technology type, the appearance and installation process of the NBN box may vary. If your home uses Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), fixed wireless or satellite technologies, you’ll need an NBN box to connect.

How to get an NBN connection box

Your NBN box should be delivered and installed by an NBN technician when a property is first connected to the network. This can be arranged by your NBN provider when you sign up for an internet plan.

The type of NBN technology serving your home determines whether you'll actually need an NBN connection box and how it will be installed. For FTTP, HFC and FTTC, an NBN connection box is required and is usually installed by an NBN technician. However, you may be able to self-install in some cases — your NBN provider can give you more info. 

NBN box installation and setup

Where is my NBN connection box?

The location of your NBN connection box will depend on the technology type you use. For example, boxes for HFC connect to a coaxial wall outlet. For FTTC, the box plugs into a telephone wall socket​​​​​​. 

It can also vary due to the layout of your home. Boxes are typically installed near where the NBN access point enters your house, and close to a power outlet, as it will need electricity to work. 

How to connect an NBN box to your modem

You’ll need to connect your NBN box to your modem or router to access the NBN. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect the NBN box directly to your modem or router. The specifics can vary depending on the NBN technology type, so if you’re unsure, check with your NBN provider.

NBN box troubleshooting and FAQs

Where to buy an NBN connection box

NBN connection boxes are provided and installed by NBN Co or through your chosen NBN service provider. You won’t be able to buy or order one directly.

If you're moving into a home without an NBN box or need a replacement, your NBN provider can organise a new one and have it delivered and installed. 

What to do if your NBN connection box isn't working

If your NBN connection box has stopped working, the first step is to check the power supply. The issue could be as simple as just needing a new cable or cord. If your box has power but your home internet still isn’t working, get in touch with your NBN provider. They can organise a technician to come by and check your connection. 

The final word on NBN boxes

Whether you're connecting to the NBN for the first time, or just moving to a new address, it’s important to know how your NBN connection box works. The more you know about your NBN connection, the easier it is to solve problems — and to find the best NBN plan for your needs!

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